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Old     (501s)      Join Date: Feb 2010       05-28-2013, 1:06 PM Reply   
It seems like anytime you read an article in a mag or a thread or an interview, the pro's/industry are complaining. I have to say, I am kinda getting tired of it.

Free riders complain about contests and how they aren't into contests, and how contest runs suck, etc.. It's in every mag. The attitude of "screw boat riding and contests, winching and rails is what's up". Although I love watching video sections, I'm kind of tired of these types of guys coming up with a bunch of reasons why they don't do contests, and always having to talk about them. I think riding in contests at a high level would be really, really hard and the guys at the top of the game are all so good. They work hard to be there. Just look at Rusty. Fact is a lot of the "free riders" who don't compete, couldn't compete with the Harleys and Dowdy's. They aren't as good in a contest. But throw The top contest guys in a "Free Riding" situation and they'd have no trouble blowing minds.

Also, how about every mag recently seems to have pros dissing certain tricks or styles like "supermans" or air tricks on the cable and such. I've never had a chance to ride cable but once I do, I definitely want to try one. They look fun. At this point a "nose Press" on a box isn't original, it's been done a million times by locals and pros alike.

Just watched a video of Raph Derome complaining about Orlando and the scene how when someone "invents" a new trick in Orlando, everyone copies it. At this point new tricks don't come along very often and why would anyone be surprised to see the pro's trying a new trick once it's invented? What else are they supposed to be doing?

I dunno, it just seems like a lot of whining lately. Although a raley isn't original, neither is a nose press, so why treat one as so legit and the other as lame. Show a crowd of fans a big raley and then a guy do a 270 FB on a rail and see which they thought was "awesome".

Maybe I'm just mad cause it seems like its always raining here lately.
Old    rullery            05-28-2013, 2:10 PM Reply   
The coolest people don't worry about what other people think is cool or not. Remember this and you will be just fine.
Old     (boardjnky4)      Join Date: Dec 2011       05-28-2013, 2:46 PM Reply   
Stop reading mags and worrying about other people and their opinions. Problem solved.
Old     (da_moose)      Join Date: Feb 2004       05-28-2013, 2:51 PM Reply   
Da Coooolest people don't Worry what train thinks ,But here's the bigest problem in the Contest these days ,,,Back in the day ,we surf a heat and at the heat the scores were added up ,10 min.s later everyone knew ,who WON.
Today you hear the comintator say Rusty need a 93.75 to take the lead ,,, Befor his run ,WHAT ,like the judges don't hear that,,,and thats what sucks now about all these corparate day contest.
everyone take there run ,,, then add the scores ,and the winner has the most points .
Old     (ttrigo)      Join Date: Dec 2004       05-28-2013, 3:42 PM Reply   
Hey moose. That space in your head, am i getting that on a month to month lease, or is it an annual thing?

Every industry has people bitching and moaning about something. No one is happy with anything nowadays. Just ride and be happy you are riding. Dont worry about what the pros are saying. Youre not out riding with them, are you?
Old     (adam_balon)      Join Date: Jul 2003       05-28-2013, 4:48 PM Reply   
LW quit complaining.
Old     (501s)      Join Date: Feb 2010       05-28-2013, 5:07 PM Reply   
I guess the general consensus is I'm off base, point taken, thanks guys. I get the irony of me complaining about people complaining LOL, kinda funny actually.

I try to never whine on WW and my "complaint" was just that it seems like often when I watch a video or read an article by a pro they are complaining about one thing or another instead of just being stoked on the fact that they wakeboard for a living. Think of Shawn Murray for a positive example.

I don't really understand why they do this and just thought I'd see if other people noticed it too or felt the same way. Guess not, which is understandable. It doesn't effect my love for the sport or time on the water. To me there is nothing better than being on the boat with family and friends enjoying the good times. That's what life is about and the opinions of pro's has NO effect on it. But when you are stuck at work you find things to pass the time and mag's and vids fill the void. I'd prefer to see more positive or supportive stuff in these articles that's all.
Old     (Dustfarter)      Join Date: Jun 2010       05-28-2013, 9:43 PM Reply   
501s I totally agree with your point. I find it annoying but then again I'm too old to give a **** so I just do what I think is fun.
On the other hand I see it as a sign of growth. Our sport has branched out into many disciplines like other action sports have.
Old    rullery            05-29-2013, 9:22 AM Reply   
OMG people are still doing nose presses?! Sooooo lame. And what's with people that still ride behind boats like it's 1998? I bet they are the kind of people that think raleys are still legit.

Old     (jarrod)      Join Date: May 2003       05-30-2013, 11:49 AM Reply   
I don't think you're off base at all. I agree with much of what you said. People here prefer conflict. I do agree with ignoring the publications however if you don't like what they have to say.

Raph should be flattered that riders are trying to do it like him. He's an innovator, and the current standard. His skills are mind blowing! Of course people are going to want to learn his tricks and style, the same way that riders wanted to be like byerly back in the day. He invented the tricks, and everyone else wanted to learn them. It's a good thing.

As much as I hate to compare snowboarding to wakeboarding....... do park riders, slalom riders, and urban riders all disagree on where the sport should be going?
Old     (nickdakoolkat)      Join Date: Sep 2005       05-30-2013, 9:07 PM Reply   
I'm not really a part of "the industry" I just ride for fun on my free time so I could give a motherf*** what the pros and purists think. Don't really care if someone wants to throw a raley for every trick. To each their own. This ain't a exact science that's why I love it, what makes this sport awesome is the freedom to ride however YOU want!
Old     (psudy)      Join Date: Dec 2003       05-31-2013, 8:18 AM Reply   
Seems like everytime I open wakeboard discussion people are complaining about people complaining.
Old     (janzy)      Join Date: Aug 2004       06-01-2013, 10:27 PM Reply   
I'm with you LW. I'd like to see more substance to the articles and topics in the mags. A lot of it seems petty. Sure, I could just ignore the publications, but what am I gonna read on the crapper?

Since we're on topic of the content of the mags, I'd like to see less wakeskating in there. I know a few ppl who own wakeskates, but none who actually ride them on a regular basis. Yet about 40% of the content seems to be about wakeskating. Am I the only one who's bugged by this?
Old     (behindtheboat)      Join Date: Aug 2006       06-05-2013, 11:21 AM Reply   
I must say, after finally watching the referenced Raph video, my interpretation is entirely different from what it seems yours was. Obviously when a new "trick" is invented people are going to go out and learn it, that's natural progression. What I got from his statement is more, when a unique "trick", more so being a rail, set-up or picture shot is performed, it is way too common for someone to go and replicate that, and all of a sudden that shot makes the mags, and the copier likely reaps the sponsor benefits from unoriginality. He has a point. Overall the complaining is old and redundant, but everyone wants to make their mark and get their piece of the pie, but reality is most people in those positions aren't overly educated, and the most natural way to prove a point or get what you want is the immature route of whining. You would have thought Bill McCaffery would have left wake years ago with the amount of complaining and "mis" direction he's seen in the sport, or people who have not followed his desires and recommendations from the pulpit.


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