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Old     (superair502)      Join Date: Mar 2010       01-31-2013, 7:14 PM Reply   
So I am going to place my order on some wetsounds rev 410s for my new boat (axis) tomorrow. I previoudly had 485s in my nautique with a syn 4 powering them. Loved them. Looks lije the 410s can handle more power however. So my question is: Should I get the syn 4 amp again or go with the new sd4 amp? This would put me over rms but I have heard of people running syn 2 x2 on the old 485s so what would be the best setup with the new revs? Baisically am I going to notice the difference and will the sd4 be too much for the 410s? Hope to hear from tim white the man soon!
Old     (wetsounds1)      Join Date: Jan 2006       01-31-2013, 7:23 PM Reply   
SD4. Trust me. The REV 410 pair on an SD4 for 685x2 cant be beat. It is something to behold. No worries on the RMS, we real world (under rate) our speakers. And when you tune the system, you can gain it where you need it. Giving the amp a ton of headroom.

Check out our facebook page and look at the Hydrotunes demo boat. They just finished their MC with 6 REV 10 off two SD6. For 585x6. So 585 to each REV 10. They are not using all 585 so gained down a bit. It is super clean and insane loud. They are also running two XS-XXX V2 with a SD2 per woofer and a SD6 on 3 pairs of XS-808. This boat is nuts.

If you can swing it, rock the SD4 on the REV 410. Post it up and let me know what you think.

Wet Sounds
Old     (Truekaotik)      Join Date: Jun 2012       01-31-2013, 7:45 PM Reply   
That's boss power status there^^... Even someone with the same towers running a arc or syn won't touch your clarity and warmth... 600 watts is your range
Old     (david_e_m)      Join Date: Jul 2008       02-01-2013, 4:33 AM Reply   
The Wetsounds SD4 amplifier would be.....well, just AMAZING!
Here is an additional benefit beyond the extra power and headroom to consider. The SD4 is fullrange Class D and an improvement over an already efficient Class H Syn amp. In the context of a large system (assuming the rest of the system is on par with the tower) the collective current draw is major. With Class D you will have 20 percent less current draw to generate the same power. With less current draw you have less voltage sag. As the voltage sags, amplifiers produce less power. Your output power is only as strong as your voltage supply. The more efficient amplifier creates a positive cycle. Btw, the SD4 is 60 percent more efficient than a Class AB amplifier.

Earmark Marine
Old     (peter19u)      Join Date: Oct 2006       02-01-2013, 9:02 AM Reply   
Hi Dave:

I have 4 Bullet 770 tower speakers that were powered by a Boston gt24 amp that crapped out. What amp would you recommend for that setup. They are wired for a 2 ohm setup. I was looking at picking up an Arc Audio KS600.2 amp but maybe I should be looking at Wetsound or another brand of amp. Arc Audio seems like a good product at a good price. I've got a KS900.6 powering my sub an cabin speakers.
Old     (david_e_m)      Join Date: Jul 2008       02-01-2013, 12:38 PM Reply   
The GT24 is a bit lite for the HollowPoint 770s that have the same VC size as most any 8-inch HLCD. So it was probably worked pretty hard. Being dependent on fan-cooling if the fan fails the amplifier is done for the day.
I think an honest 225 to 250 watts to each 770 is perfect and also about the max if you take care of your stuff. Less power if you don't.
The Arc Audio has a good power to dollar ratio. It's unregulated so that 1200 watts at a 14.4 volt supply will compress to about 900 watts at a 12.6 volt supply which is more real world in a boat. And, that would be an ideal power level.
The Arc Audio is dependent on fan-cooling. So it brings in moist air in a marine environment which constantly flows over the entire surface area of an unprotected circuit board. That is why I prefer the conformal coated Wetsounds Syn series that use the similar platform or an amplifier with a sealed chassis which is common with many Class D a boat and definitely if you are in a brackish area.
In this case I would recommend first the Wetsounds Class D SD2. It's in the same power class but is about 20 to 25 percent more efficient than the Arc Audio Class H....and 60 percent more efficient than your Class AB KS900.6. So with the Wetsounds Class D SD2 more of that rated power will get to the pavement so to speak.
Amplifier efficiency directly impacts the supply side voltage which in turn directly impacts the audio power output. You want to be on the positive side of that cycle.
The JL Audio strictly regulated fullrange Class D HD750/1 is another option that comes to mind. It's just on the heels of the Arc Audio KS600.2 in power at 12.6 volts
but the JL power is stable down to an 11 volt supply. And it's 20 to 25 percent more efficient. So there is no discernable audible difference in output but you have some other advantages with the JL Audio. Efficiency. Well-sealed chassis. A marine version with a conformal coating if you want.

Earmark Marine
Old     (superair502)      Join Date: Mar 2010       02-01-2013, 4:10 PM Reply   
Wow that is one of the most blatant thread hijacks I have ever seen lol. Thanks for the info Tim and David, sounds like a no brainer. My dealer is putting the order in in the next few days so hopefully they can get it out fast! Ill post up pics and a write up comparing the 410 vs 410s that I have heard powered by a syn 4 and 485s powered by a syn 4 to the sr4 powered 410s. How is the white holding up long term in the sun? I remembered seeing a lot of people having fading with the white speakers in the past but I heard Tim and wetsounds addressed it?
Old     (david_e_m)      Join Date: Jul 2008       02-01-2013, 5:15 PM Reply   
It used to be the finished color was determined by the injection-molded pod. You just can't get the UV stability out of the molded ABS like you can with a separate finish. Now they use a separate finish that's packed with UV inhibitors. Issue addressed.

Earmark Marine
Old     (superair502)      Join Date: Mar 2010       02-19-2013, 3:54 PM Reply   
Got my new Rev 410s and sd4 amp today. I had two problems unfortunatley. One the 410s didnt come with mounting instructions. It all seemed pretty straight forward but each Rev came with like 8 bolts and I am not sure which I am supposed to use for the clamps? The longest ones were the only ones long enough to work on my boat (A22). But there were not enough of them included. Also unfortunatley Axis from the factory drilled the holes for the speaker wire too close together as well so I cannot have the wires mount through the clamps. Will it hurt the wire if it is run out the side of the clamp where it meets the tower if it is tightened down tight enough?? Sorry I dont have pics to show these problems as they most likely seem confusing.

Other than that the build quality on the speakers and amp were amazing. I am very impressed. Unfortunately didnt get a chance to hear the system today as I ran out of time fiddling with these problems.
Old     (Midnightv10)      Join Date: Feb 2012       02-19-2013, 4:17 PM Reply   
You could probably get ahold of wetsounds and I am sure they could fix you up with the right bolts, or hit up a hardware store or automotive store to find what you need.

As for your issue with the pre-drilled holes, If I were you I would temporarily mount the clamps where you want them and then mark and drill new holes to make it look cleaner and avoid having to run the wires between the clamps and the tower bar. You should be able to find some plastic plugs to fit in the old holes (again, a hardware store should have these).

Here is a picture of mine and as you can see there is some amount of gap between the clamp and the bar, but you run the risk of the wire wearing against the edge of the clamp and I know the diameter of the Axis towers is larger than most so you may not wind up with much gap anyway..
good luck
Attached Images
Old     (wetsounds1)      Join Date: Jan 2006       02-19-2013, 4:18 PM Reply   

The manual should be in the box of the REV 410.

Here it is from our site just in case.

The REV 410 has two long bolts that are in the REV 410 box (not in the clamp box) Those are for holding the base of the clamps onto the speaker.

Inside the clamp box is 3 sets of bolts, (small,medium and large) You will use the large bolts. So all the hardware should be in the box.

Do not mount the wires out the side of the clamp. You will damage them and short out the system. Best thing would be to drill new holes where you want the speakers and fish the wire over. This is truly the only good way to do it.

Feel free to give us a call at 877-938-7757 if you need some help.

Wet Sounds
Old     (superair502)      Join Date: Mar 2010       02-19-2013, 4:34 PM Reply   
I was short a few of the long screws. I think it was 2. I will check tomorrow to make sure I didnt misplace them but I am pretty sure. Also what is the best way to connect the clamp wire and tower wire together??
Old     (superair502)      Join Date: Mar 2010       02-20-2013, 3:59 PM Reply   
Ok I did find one last pack of bolts that I did have that fell down in my rear locker when I was opening everything. I still never found instructions but I used the ones on my phone. Got the system all wired up today and all I can say is WOW!!! The Rev 410s are by far the loudest and clearest tower system that I have ever heard when paired with the SD4 amp!! I had heard the revs ran on a syn 4 and was impressed but with the SD4 running them they really came into their own. The first thing that I noticed was the response in these speakers. They kept up with any music that I played and notes were crisp when compared to my old 485s. I had the gain set at about 1/2 because I felt it was all that I needed. The volume control knob for the tower was an awesome touch too. One other thing I loved about these speakers was they were much easier to listen to for extended periods turned up compared to my 485s because they were less pitchy and screamy. I am extremely happy with the Revs and the SD4. Wetsounds does it again!!
Old     (superair502)      Join Date: Mar 2010       02-20-2013, 4:00 PM Reply   
Oh I dont know much about speakers and audio other than how to wire them up so sorry if my review doesnt make sense or I am not using the right words to describe.
Old     (superair502)      Join Date: Mar 2010       02-20-2013, 4:03 PM Reply   
Also where would I be safe to run the gain on the amp as far as the speakers handling the power? I know how to tune somewhat but I want to be able to run them for hours while riding without damaging them thanks!


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