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Old    ScottRobinson            08-16-2011, 8:50 AM Reply   
Ok, so I guess the masses seem to think I try to "pimp" my boat every chance I get. I can see where that at times may have been the case and to all those threads I may have jumped into I will apologize up front in this post. I was not trying to hijack any thread or really sway anyone toward a boat. I don't work for nor have any affiliation with my brand of choice. I just have owned two of them and as many can tell am very partial to them. So with that said, you can either read on and get all the things I can think of to really tell you about my boat good and bad. Again to all those that think I gain something out of this, I really don't and yes I sit at a desk all day so I do have time to check this site alot and post (maybe allbeit a bias opinion at times). Never wanted to be the "pimp" so to speak.

Again, I hope people can see this is an honest opinion at worth reading.

Price Tag - you can get into a boat with a smaller engine for a price very close to what an Axis is going for. Depending now on what options you want I think this is one thing that people overlook. Starting in 2012 they have gone to an options type buying system like all the other brands out there. In 2011 they have just one stock boat. Now you can get the stereo upgraded, the engine, the SeaDek flooring, colors, covers for the boat and maybe one or two more things to jump the price up.

Company - Most of you know this company is a much smaller company than say MC or Tige or Malibu. They are based now out of Vivian LA and have a whole new crew working for them. I can honestly say I was worried about not having a dealership close by to deal with if and when something broke down. I have had now 2 issues come up and just called the company and they have done all the work for my about finding someone to work on the issues. They are wonderful to deal with, and I personally think at times better than a dealership to deal with because they are the ones who actually built the boat.

Hull Design - This produces a stock wake that is very hard and steep. Unlike a MC that is beefier (if that is a word) the wake on the boat is very hard and steep that creates a very high and large launch when riding. Add the 4000# of water to the boat and even at 85 feet or more the wake is very big and steep. When surfing the wake is also very steep and the pocket is somewhat narrow.

Motor - I have the 8.2 in this boat compared to the 8.1 in the other boat. Few things to note (this boat doesn't have a FAE on it as the last one did) The 8.2 seems much much bigger for some reason. When I say bigger I mean much more jumpy. This thing puts out a ton of torque and really sounds like a jet engine on the runway. Very cool to have that much power in a boat. Also I would say the fuel hours, so to speak, are a bit better than the 8.1. Honestly, if I had to choose again I would get the 8.1. (I think that is only because I have had 2 sensors go out on this motor already and only have 50 hours on her) I am not a fan of the Cat converter but understand why they are moving towards those with emissions being an issue for everything with a motor now.

Stereo - Wow...ok this model year has all WetSounds in it and is soooo much better than last years version. Alot of people wonder how the sound is coming from the transom compared to overhead and how the hold up will be. Again only 50 hours on this boat so can't really speak to how wear and tear will be but overall right now no issues at all. I love the Mic and how loud you can make the back and still have the interior quiet. To me having overhead Can speakers still poses an issue with people being able to talk while someone is riding. The transom speakers really make that something of the past. Surfing especially is amazing with the tunes up for the rider and the rest of us being able to talk while someone is riding. This may be my favorite part of this design.

Tower- This year they went to Sampson - This is a con (next section)

Interior - I love the SeaDek flooring and again was one of the selling features that was way different than most boats. Having 4 kids and all the things that come with them carpet just seemed hard to me. This stuff is so amazing. I love the softness of it on your feet and the clean up. As far as the interior of the seating this is a con. (next section) LED lighting all around is a plus. Very neat looking at night. All the lights are built in along with the NAV lights built into the hull in front. I really like the fact that all the lights are LED lights and super bright.

Swim Platform - Last year had a very rectangle platform. They have now gone to the more triangle looking ones. I like this years more, however it is smaller. So take that as both a pro and con. The nice thing is you don't have to worry about it cutting into the surf wake at all. Which makes the lip now much better.

Smart Tow - This is their version of the perfect pass. I like that fact that it is completely custimizable. (can't spell) You can have up to 5 riders I believe with their own settings all dialed into the computer. I would love to have a touch screen but they don't offer that. So all the gauges are normal gauges along with the 2 computer read out screens. 1 thing that is completey amazing is the LAUNCH setting. You have 5 settings that will launch the boat once you decide to go. For those with people driving YOU when you ride this is great. My wife (love her to death) this is great for. I set the computer and all she does is floor it from the start. The boat has predetermined the speed at which it will launch and pull me out of the water. This way I get the exact same start and pull every single time without having to worry about it. Again one thing that I am now sure I can live without now after having it.

Trailer - My trailer is now an EZ loader trailer. They did use extreme and I wish they still did. (again con)

Con section

Price Tag - Ok, so unless you want no options and a small engine you will likely spend mid 70s on this boat. With taxes and all low 80s. So that is a big CON. The 8.2 is a $10,000 option. Is it worth it....most likely no unless you are a guy who needs the biggest wake out there every time you ride and need to be at 90' and running 25mph. For most of us I would say it isn't worth it. For me I know it isn't. My kids don't care how big the wake it, and honestly it is TOO big for them with no weight in it and riding at 17mph. So to spend that sort of money on the 8.2 isn't worth it.

Company - I can't give a con here at all. They are great to work with and have stood behind everything they have and continue to do.

Hull Design - This design was built I believe specific to wake boarding with no regard to surfing. Although you can dial it in to surf, and surf very well, it isn't built for this. I wish it wasn't so square in the rear to create such a hard wake. This makes surfing very tall and steep. In order to soften it we run full surf side, 1/4 opposite side 3/4 front full and put everyone we can in the surf corner. With that I can surf and have alot of fun doing it. But, that is alot of weight and the pocket isn't long at all. I would say it is only about 5' pocket front to back so you really have to be careful doing tricks to make sure you dont' lose the pocket. Or have a really fast board, which I don't. So surfing with this boat isn't perfect by any stretch. Doable and fun, but not perfect.

Motor - I think I have touched on this and why this is a con, but to spend $10,000 on it as an option seems a bit much to me. Again only an option. Oh and I will put this hear, this boat was supposed to come with surf TABS but in the R&D they didn't work well. So, they are still testing them and are supposed to put it on my boat once they get it worked through. I believe the surf tabs would help the surf wake but I have yet to get to try them.

Stereo - Wish they would have put on the boat the gadget that makes the sound go up when you throttle up and go down when you throttle down. I am not a huge fan of having to work the stereo while driving but you have too. Unless you want to blast the rider out while they put on their boots you will have to turn it down then up. I know I can buy this and most likely will aftermarket but would have been cool just to throw in.

Tower - Sampson tower. I hate it. ..... I know I shouldn't say that but I do. I wish they would have stayed with who they had last year. This years tower does not work like it should. To go up and down it is a pain in the butt. I do it every single time out (up and down) and you can do it but is just is a pain. doesn't take long but I am not a fan of the Sampson tower. They bolts they use to hold it up don't line up with the holes they drilled. So you have to push pretty hard to get it in there. Then the bolt itself touches while going in so it just doesn't fit right. Once in it is rock solid but I was told they went to Sampson for ease of use. In my case it isn't easier at all. Also I hate that you have to thread a handle on to get the tower up. I have lost one to the lake already (whish they sent me a new one the next day) but still pain in the butt. Wish they would go to something like Malibu's tower ( love that tower)
Old    ScottRobinson            08-16-2011, 8:51 AM Reply   
Interior - This is a riders boat. You can tell it is that because they put all the efforts on the wake itself. That is good, but the interior could be more plush. It is nice don't get me wrong but it sits very high compared to others I have ridden in. I believe that to be to make room for the 4000# of ballast that is completely hidden. The material is nice and very sturdy it just isn't a Nautique or Malibu when it comes to the interior. Now that could be a plus in some cases. Like I said, 4 small kids so I really don't worry too much about it they drop something on it. Clean up seems to be easy and I try not to be too anal about it. Oh the one great thing is the surf lockers have some HUGE hindges on them. They are sooo beefy and great looking.

Smart tow- Rocks!

Trailer - Ez load - not a fan of. They are shipping me a new trailer so that will again speak volumes about the company itself. I will have more to say once that arrives, but as for now the trailer just sits way too low to the ground. It is beautiful but not very functional. I loved my extreme trailer and wish they would go back to those. These just sit about 3 inches off the ground and you have to be very careful loading and unloading and driving for that matter because of how low they are.

Odd and ends - There is NO COOLER!!! Sucks, but I will remedy. The storage under the seats is plenty big to put a mock cooler in. So that is a project for the winter. Also the 2012 didn't come with a anchor for the bow anchor space. I loved the set storage for the anchor but it should have come with one like the 2011 did. They said that is gonna be an option but being the first one out I didn't get the option just shipped without one. Last years model had the cooler in the floor which was ok, but this years doesn't because the gas tank is there. Being the bigger engine from they had to tweak a few things seems like.


I hope I touched on as many things as I could. I tried to tell everything we like and hate about the boat. (Hate is too strong a word for it but I used it so what the heck)

I would buy this boat again in a heart beat even with the flaws mentioned. The pluses just outweigh it completely. This is a riders boat, and for those that want a great wake this is it. One thing I didn't mention was that is seemed very roomy inside. Being 23' is a huge plus. They seem to have the cockpit moved up a bit as the bow is snug, but an adult can sit with legs stretched and just touch the front. The main part of the boat seems very very big. We like that and was again a big reason for buying. Having 6 every time on the lake we needed the space. The lockers are big and all the seats storage is connected so you can get at everything.

Sorry typed way too much and I had to cut it into 2 posts.
Old     (polarbill)      Join Date: Jun 2003       08-16-2011, 9:04 AM Reply   
Hasn't the Epic always used a Samson Tower? Did they change what type of samson tower they are using for 2012? Now I don't have any first hand experience with one but after looking at the pictures you posted Epic's fit and finish just isn't worth the 70k price tag when you option one out. The only redeeming factor of the boat is the huge amount of ballast and ridiculous stock wake. That being said you can buy a multitude of other boats and plumb in extra ballast and get just as good of a wake. I am sure they are fine boats but not for me.
Old     (05mobiuslsv)      Join Date: Apr 2006       08-16-2011, 9:05 AM Reply   
The only thing that would have made this review better would be to tell us which freakin boat you're talking about? I have to admit I didn't read every word of it so maybe I missed it?
Old    ScottRobinson            08-16-2011, 9:08 AM Reply   
This is a review of Epic....sorry Nu Bu.... No, the 2011 had a different tower...Skylon...and I loved it!

The finish of my boat is not perfect you are correct, but I believe that is due to the fact that it is the first one off the line. They moved their operation to Vivian and my boat was one of the first they built with all the new employee's. So I believe it will get better and fast. As far as the price tag it is a negative if you option it out.

Last edited by ScottRobinson; 08-16-2011 at 9:11 AM.
Old     (polarbill)      Join Date: Jun 2003       08-16-2011, 9:10 AM Reply   
Originally Posted by ScottRobinson View Post
This is a review of Epic....sorry Nu Bu.... No, the 2011 had a different tower...Skylon...and I loved it!
They must of tried the Sylon for your boat or for a year but every one I have seen has a samson. I have no idea how they function but the Samson tower on the boat is one of the best looking to date.
Old     (diamonddad)      Join Date: Mar 2010       08-16-2011, 9:12 AM Reply   
Same here. I would have paid attention if I knew what boat was being reviewed. A picture would help too.
Old    ScottRobinson            08-16-2011, 9:15 AM Reply   
Sorry guys, EPIC 23 is pic....
Attached Images
Old     (masterDraft)      Join Date: Jan 2011       08-16-2011, 10:42 AM Reply   
scott - just wanted to compliment you on the review. as has been discussed on wakeworld hundreds of times, there isn't really a perfect boat (probably why there are so many manufacturers), only one that best fits your needs. sounds like you and your family found the boat (price, wake, size, company, etc.) that best fits. congrats and thanks. it was great to hear what you like about the boat and what you'd change.
Old     (dave27)      Join Date: May 2005       08-16-2011, 1:16 PM Reply   
is this the same boat that will be in that new Jaws 3D movie?
Old     (hunter660)      Join Date: Aug 2007       08-16-2011, 1:41 PM Reply   
Thanks, Scott. Good honest review.
Old     (kme3113)      Join Date: Mar 2010       08-17-2011, 6:32 AM Reply   
I recall seeing that boat in the trailer for the new shark 3d movie now that you mention it (Dave H).


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