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Old     (ldr)      Join Date: Nov 2002       03-30-2010, 9:39 AM Reply   
I won an auction last week for some tower speakers. I immediately made the payment and have been anticipating their arrival. Then this morning i got a email from paypal stating that my money has been refunded. I'm ticked I don't want my money back. I want the item that i won.
Has anyone else had this happen to you and if so, how did it turn out?
I sent the seller an email asking for an explanation. So right now i'm just waiting on the sellers response.
Old     (bkoz)      Join Date: Dec 2005       03-30-2010, 9:55 AM Reply   
Was it a no reserve auction or did you use buy it now? I have had this happen but the seller contacted me first to let me know. Bottom line is, if someone doesnt get what they want for an item they will sometimes do exactley whats happening to you right now. Not sayting thats the case here but kinda seems like it.
Old     (sidekicknicholas)      Join Date: Mar 2007       03-30-2010, 9:56 AM Reply   
Some sellers won't ship if your paypal address isn't confirmed, that could be aproblem.
Old     (ldr)      Join Date: Nov 2002       03-30-2010, 10:03 AM Reply   
It was a no reserve auction with a buy it now price of $99.99
I bid $25 and won the item for $20.50 plus $34.00 shipping.

Nick that's a good thought i'll check to see if my address is a confirmed one.
Old     (bruizza)      Join Date: May 2009       03-30-2010, 10:05 AM Reply   
Definitely sounds like he wants more for the speakers so he refunded your money so he can relist them.
Old     (ldr)      Join Date: Nov 2002       03-30-2010, 10:06 AM Reply   
Just checked and the address is a confirmed address.
Old     (nar722)      Join Date: Dec 2003       03-30-2010, 10:07 AM Reply   
I had that same exact thing happen to me last year. Got a really great deal on some dbot5's. I filed a claim with ebay. Nothing happened. I eventually got a notice from the seller stating that he went out of business. Hope you have better luck
Old     (sidekicknicholas)      Join Date: Mar 2007       03-30-2010, 10:14 AM Reply   
If you're confirmed, I would bet the same thing as the others are saying.... he took his listing fee hit and will relist them, you could email him and threaten a complaint if he doesn't follow through with you
Old     (behindtheboat)      Join Date: Aug 2006       03-30-2010, 10:19 AM Reply   
Man, I don't get eBay to the fullest, but that seems whack. If you put something up, especially with no reserve, expect the worst. eBay seems abused more than it is useful
Old     (ldr)      Join Date: Nov 2002       03-30-2010, 10:30 AM Reply   
I will wait to see if the seller responds but if we can't work something out i am definately going to report him.
This is the info i got from ebay.

Please know that when seller sells any item they are obligated to fulfill the obligation. Sellers are not suppose to back out of the listing until the buyer is willing to cancel the deal. If the seller is backing out, you have an option to file a complaint against the seller to our trust and safety team our trust and safety team will make an attempt and ask them to fulfill the obligation. However if they don't fulfill and complete the transaction then be assured that eBay takes this violation very seriously and violations of this policy may result in a range of actions against the seller, including:

Listing cancellation

Limits on account privileges

Account suspension

Forfeiture of eBay fees on cancelled listings

Loss of PowerSeller status
Old     (skongolf)      Join Date: Aug 2009       03-30-2010, 10:32 AM Reply   
I was winning a Tower on ebay for $525 and with 3 seconds left I was outbid by .12 cents. The minimum bid increment was $10. I know it was a Shill bid and I complained to ebay to no avail. They gave me some long explanation about how it was possible for that to happen, which I know it is not. Come to find out that no feedback was ever left for the tower and it was re listed 2 weeks later. Called ebay again and they said they would look into it. Never heard another word from ebay. I have bought and sold on ebay for a while and that was my one bad experience. I agree though that the person probably just wanted more money, especially if the item was relisted later.

Last edited by skongolf; 03-30-2010 at 10:33 AM. Reason: spelling
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       03-30-2010, 10:35 AM Reply   
Could be worse. I sold some movie props to a guy in Pakistan, I know first mistake, and shipping with tracking was $160, he asked if I'd ship parcel post because it was only $30 and I agreed and 1 month latter paypal gives the guy his money back after I shipped the item? They said I had to prove he recieved the item! I sent them the shipping reciept but they said it didn't matter because it didn't prove he recieved the item only that I shipped him something. 1 year latter he had the items he din't recieve listed for sale under his name! Contacted Ebay and Paypal as was told there was nothing I could do because the claim was expired! I lost $800 I know no longer ship anything out of the US or with out delivery confirmation! If the buyer doesn't like it they can buy from someone else. There is alot of abuse and fraud on Ebay so you have to be careful! I agree the guy probably got cold feet because he didn't recieve what he wanted for the item and that B.S.. Never list anything on Ebay with out a reserve unless your willing to give it away for free. Otherwise make sure the starting price or reserve is high enough to satisfy your needs.
Old     (wake77)      Join Date: Jan 2009       03-30-2010, 11:46 AM Reply   
Matt, he probably refunded your money to relist the speakers and sell them at a higher price. I know it sucks, but it does happen. Now, if I was you, I would try to get in touch with the guy and found out what happened. If he isn't happy with your winning bid, maybe you could offer him extra if you really like the speakers and it is worth it to you. Let him know that you plan on reporting him if he doesn't make things right and if he does quite a bit of business, he will want to make things right. I mean you can file the report (I am not discouraging you from doing that), but in the end, the chances are very high that you still don't get the speakers for your winning bid and more than likely the guy will still be able to sell on Ebay.
Old     (ldr)      Join Date: Nov 2002       03-30-2010, 12:00 PM Reply   
This is the response that i got

I'm sorry, I was getting to that! My brother told me that the speaker was no good and that's why it was removed from the boat. I was under the impression that it was the good one so I checked it and it is bad. I'm sorry my brother has been deployed and it's not easy getting the information from him.

Now i'm wondering what i should do. Do you think the story is legit? Part of me wants to say then send me the one that is good. Just so you know, I bought one side of a skylon deafcon IV.
Old     (stang_killa_ss)      Join Date: Jan 2010       03-30-2010, 12:16 PM Reply   
file a PP dispute. F that. hes covering his tracks.
Old     (ldr)      Join Date: Nov 2002       03-30-2010, 12:21 PM Reply   
This was my reply

I thought it was pretty clever

Thank you for getting back to me.

The good news is that from what you stated there is an easy solution. You stated that this is the non working one meaning that there is a working one. All you have to do is send me the working one and we're good. I would even be willing to buy the non working one at the same price.

Old     (boomboom)      Join Date: Apr 2008       03-30-2010, 1:25 PM Reply   
cut your losses...Ebay could give a rip less.
don't even waste your time on it
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       03-30-2010, 1:49 PM Reply   
At least post a bad review on e-bay about the seller
Old     (bac)      Join Date: Feb 2008       03-30-2010, 6:01 PM Reply   
I'm with Jason, you aren't gonna see em.

And best of luck with paypal. You didn't lose any money and you aren't acusing someone of outright theft. He refunded your money and claims the item is non working. In my experience, paypal will leave it at that.

Paypal works in very, very weird ways. As a seller I've been out once the cost of the item I sold plus the actual item! All because the buyer claimed I sent him an empty box. Nevermind my proof that it was left at the post office (also showing the items weight) his word was good enough for them.


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