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Old     (jackeh)      Join Date: May 2008       03-02-2009, 3:50 PM Reply   
me and my dad want to get rid of the Tahoe, because of the poor gas mileage.

so we were looking at some lighter trucks, we liked to the 2008 or 2009 Toyota Tacoma with the 4 liter v6, its suppose to pull 6500 pounds or something like that, and its gets better gas mileage than the Tahoe.

we have a 1998 MasterCraft 205, and i think it weighs something like 4500-5000 pounds.

would the Toyota be a good tow vehicle?
if not, any suggestion would be appreciated.
Old     (malibuboats4)      Join Date: Sep 2008       03-02-2009, 4:27 PM Reply   
my brother has one. i have driven it and it is pretty sweet. they are pretty fast and get dang good mileage. he tows a malibu response, which is pretty light compared to your boat, but it feels like npthing is back there with the response.
Old     (jackeh)      Join Date: May 2008       03-02-2009, 4:30 PM Reply   
thanks Malibu, do you know how much his boat weighs? I'm not completely sure how much mine does. i was just guessing.
Old     (gti2lo)      Join Date: Nov 2005       03-02-2009, 4:51 PM Reply   
If you're not doing any long range towing you should be fine..
Old     (2007_x2)      Join Date: May 2007       03-02-2009, 5:12 PM Reply   
i have a 2007 Tacoma Sport 4X4 and it tows great. ive towed an X-Star about 40 miles with no problems up hills. I also use it to tow our X-2 and have towed that for long distances. I did get a leveling kit and 33" tires recently and want to get an add-a-leaf so it doesnt sag so much!

lots of lead in the nose!

(Message edited by 2007_x-2 on March 02, 2009)
Old     (malibuboats4)      Join Date: Sep 2008       03-02-2009, 5:15 PM Reply   
the site says like 2300 i think. so plus trailer and gear its about 3500?
Old     (2007_x2)      Join Date: May 2007       03-02-2009, 5:18 PM Reply   
yeah u shouldnt have a prob towing the 205 i towed a 197 with no brakes thru sf and it did fine
Old     (lzrdwrnglr)      Join Date: May 2008       03-02-2009, 5:37 PM Reply   
i just sold my tacoma, didn't like the towing on the hills with boat behind. You would definetly needs new springs for the sagg in the back but other than that it would be ok. No problems with a toyota. I've moved up to a navigator since then and tows better with the v8.
Old     (jackeh)      Join Date: May 2008       03-02-2009, 6:31 PM Reply   
i would be towing 150 miles thought, every time.
i live far from a lake.

up and down big hills.

would i have a problem???

i don't want a truck that can't handle it.

what do you think?
Old     (chall8143)      Join Date: Sep 2008       03-02-2009, 6:41 PM Reply   
You may be better off with a full size. They will not get much worse gas mileage than your Tacoma, and with a larger engine, it wont work as hard towing, and may get better mileage when towing. I went from a Ford Explorer with the V6 to an Expedition with the 5.4L V8. I get a bit better mileage towing, and 2 to 3 mpg less with regular driving. Not that much of a difference really. Yeah a tacoma may be able to pull that, but it will be on the higher range for that vehicle. I feel better knowing I am nowhere near the towing limit with a full size truck. Plus I don't have to worry about adding a leveling kit. Nothing wrong with them, but it is another thing I don't have to spend money on. Just my $.02
Old     (jackeh)      Join Date: May 2008       03-02-2009, 6:45 PM Reply   
thanks chad.

my dad and me are kinda tired of the Tahoe, and we can't really afford a new Tahoe, so is there a truck that you would recommend?
Old     (jackeh)      Join Date: May 2008       03-02-2009, 6:50 PM Reply   
what about a v8 4runner?
Old     (lifetimewarranty)      Join Date: Oct 2008       03-02-2009, 8:37 PM Reply   
Man, Jack, where are you coming up with these figures? The toyota gets 20 hwy mpg with a 4 litre V6 and the tahoe gets 20 hwy mpg with a 5.3 litre V8. Both 2wd 2008 models. Please, check this site.

The fact that Toyota has some of you brainwashed about miles per gallon continues to surprise me.

Thankfully some of you who have experience here keep trying to educate them.
Old     (lifetimewarranty)      Join Date: Oct 2008       03-02-2009, 8:37 PM Reply   
V8 4runner gets less mpg than the tahoe.
Old     (warwagon)      Join Date: Jan 2009       03-02-2009, 8:52 PM Reply   
My tahoe gets 12.5 mpg right now.

I wish I had a new 4 door Taco
My old Taco did have enough power to pull my Moomba, it was the 3.4 liter V6 though. I'd say the 4.0 would pull my boat fine!
Old     (bobenglish)      Join Date: Mar 2008       03-02-2009, 9:08 PM Reply   
Second the no problem using a Tacoma. I have a 2006 Tacoma 4x4 with the 4.0L V6. Tow an 08 X-star. No issues. Do not get me wrong, you are not going to pass some one going up hill on the highway while towing. But it has no issues towing the boat. Of course, be sure to get the tow package. I get about 12 MPG towing, 18-20 MPG non-towing.
Old     (hehateme)      Join Date: Sep 2008       03-02-2009, 10:05 PM Reply   
I dont care what any website says, you will be hard pressed to find a V8 full size SUV of any make or model get 20 MPG. MAYBE, if you drive like a grandma, it MIGHT. But I still would highly doubt that.

Not sure where you get V8 4Runner gets less than a Tahoe either. Do you drive a Tahoe to come up with this BS?????
Old     (bjeremi)      Join Date: Mar 2006       03-02-2009, 10:14 PM Reply   
Damn I would love me a new tahoe. The tahoe sure doesn't get any better in city though. On the highway besides the hybrid only one engine model tahoe gets better than 20 and it's only 21. Your drive like a grandma argument doesn't hold much weight though Martin because I sure it's the same for the tacoma.
Old     (kev88)      Join Date: Feb 2008       03-03-2009, 6:23 AM Reply   
Pulled my 2008 X-2 with a Tacoma (2006 - 4.0L) - no problems - would recommend 4x4.
Old     (lifetimewarranty)      Join Date: Oct 2008       03-03-2009, 7:00 AM Reply   
Martin, if it is bs, then blame the government website that has the ratings for all the vehicles. Don't blame me. I just know from experience that Toyotas don't get great mileage (at least not what everyone claims).

I posted the links. They claim the 4runner gets 19 while the tahoe gets 20. Not my claim. I claim to have gotten with a stock 1997 tahoe 17-18 hwy. My toyota truck (little eco-truck) never got more than 20, and typically got 19 hwy.

I'm not saying anything negative about the toyota, just saying the mpg's aren't that much different.

You a Haas guy Martin? VF-3SS here.
Old     (lzrdwrnglr)      Join Date: May 2008       03-03-2009, 8:30 AM Reply   
Definetly do not get the tacoma if your going up hills and down hills and doing long distance. That's the reason I dumped mine. If your a Toyota fan get a full size Tundra. You'll be alright with that. New ones are expensive but you can get some good deals on a used if you look.
Don't make the mistake I did get a full size and a truck that can handle the pull.
Old     (alans)      Join Date: Aug 2005       03-03-2009, 9:54 AM Reply   
I have a 2008 v8 4-runner. I get 20-22 on the highway. I had a 2006 5.3 Z-71 Tahoe and I was lucky to get 17-18 on the highway. Towing they are equal. 10-12.
Old     (jackeh)      Join Date: May 2008       03-03-2009, 2:49 PM Reply   
thanks everyone. my 2003 Tahoe gets 12 miles to the gallon city, and about 18 on the highway.

all in all i guess i'm just going to keep it, sounds like i'm better of with the Tahoe.

thanks everyone.

i really want the new Tundra, but i'm not sure if my dad wants one so i'll talk to him.
Old     (hehateme)      Join Date: Sep 2008       03-03-2009, 8:46 PM Reply   
Whats VF-3SS? I do work for Haas.

I dont mean to come off like that. I am pretty confident I can get 22 MPG on a V6 4-Runner. I have demo'd several. Pulling a boat probably get nothing close to that.
I have taken a cross country trip in a '08 TRD Tacoma and went about 95 MPH the whole way, got about 16 MPG. If I drove like a grandma, I would feel pretty confident about getting 20+ MPG in it. Its only a 4 Liter V6 for crying out loud.

Nobody comes to buy Toyota because of fuel economy (with exception to Prius). Not sure if anybody at all stereotypes Toyota with good fuel economy. Its about average with everyone else. Toyota stickers thier EPA rating for full SUV clearly under 20 MPG. There is not a full size SUV that gets 20 MPG, regardless of any marketing or government rating. Not even the Hybrid ones. Hybrid SUVs still use gasoline 100% of the time on the highway and would definately use gas only under tow, they just have much better emissions.
Old     (corasky123)      Join Date: Jun 2008       03-04-2009, 5:55 AM Reply   
Our V6 Tacoma pulls just fine, our 4 cylinder struggles on the steeper boat ramps (unless you lock it in 4 wheel drive), but our boat isn't as big as yours. I would definitely suggest a 4x4, but I LOVE my Tacomas. We also had a Tundra (V8), it was great too, I just feel like the Tacomas are made a little better and will last longer without as many problems
Old     (fatsac)      Join Date: Jun 2004       03-04-2009, 6:40 AM Reply   
I'll agree with Martin. My '06 4-Runner would get 22 on the highway routinely. However, my '07 Tacoma is somewhere around 20 at best. In town is 17 and all on stock rims and tires. The 4WD and manual trans do not help much as it's geared lower. I'm pulling 2500rpm at 70mph.
I love the truck though. It towed my old Sanger like a champ. The only complaint is cheap interior but I found a guy who will swap for leather for less than a grand.
Old     (lifetimewarranty)      Join Date: Oct 2008       03-04-2009, 7:51 AM Reply   
Martin - VF-3 super speed - Surprised you aren't familiar with them. It is about the most popular machine.
fficial%26sa%3DN" target="_blank"> 0&w=312&sz=22&hl=en&start=2&um=1&tbnid=K-pOZ1gX0vHuaM:&tbnh=94&tbnw=117&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dhaas%2Bvf-3ss%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26channel%3Ds%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-USfficial%26sa%3DN

Haas VF-3SS Super Speed VerticalUpload

Good luck with your search, Jack.
Old     (mars)      Join Date: Aug 2005       03-04-2009, 10:26 AM Reply   
Tacoma does very well.
Make sure you have the "rear spring TSB" done which gives you the canadian/mexican market 4 leaf rear springs. NAS Tacomas have a girly three leaf pack tuned for soft ride as original equipment... they don't call them "air haulers" for nothing.
Old     (jackeh)      Join Date: May 2008       03-04-2009, 1:23 PM Reply   
when i mentioned fuel economy i meant just in general, not when towing.

my Tahoe gets 12 mpg, i was just wanting something better than that.

i'll keep looking into it.
Old     (wstr01)      Join Date: Feb 2001       03-04-2009, 1:41 PM Reply   
08 GMC diesel 2500. Stock. 70mph 23 highway. Combined of 19.

It pulls my boat like it's not even back there. Uphills are not an issue. Pulls my toyhauler really nice too. I know it's back there, but I still have great power up the hills. You know when you're driving down the hwy and you see a hill coming up so you have to start planning your run at it and hope no one gets in your way? That doesn't happen anymore. Just gas it and you're gone. My drive to Powell last year was WAY easier mentally.

Add bigger tires, mpg goes down.

Sure it costs more to purchase, but along with my Lasik surgery, it's the best money I've ever spent.
Old     (hehateme)      Join Date: Sep 2008       03-04-2009, 2:20 PM Reply   
Are you sure you get 23 MPG with a GMC 2500 Diesel??????
Old     (mastercraft1995)      Join Date: Nov 2002       03-04-2009, 2:35 PM Reply   
I use to pull a 1995 MC 205 with a 1998 Ford Ranger, 4.0, 5 speed all over Oregon. The truck was also overloaded with camping gear. I never had any issues with it weight. It had other issues but never motor or transmission problems. I would get a stick because of all the towing your going to be doing.
Old     (jackeh)      Join Date: May 2008       03-04-2009, 4:01 PM Reply   
i think i'm going to keep the Tahoe, it pulls the boat very well.

my whole question about the Tacoma was so i could have a lighter truck to drive around and still pull the boat, but i'll keep the Tahoe, its a great truck.
Old     (wstr01)      Join Date: Feb 2001       03-05-2009, 8:11 AM Reply   
Positive. Checked manually. That is on the FWY @ 70mph. Kick it up to 80 and it goes down.
Old     (fatsac)      Join Date: Jun 2004       03-05-2009, 8:30 AM Reply   
If you are towing a lot, I wouldn't recommend the manual. I love having it but on the ramp, it's a pain to roll without heavily slipping the clutch. Four low helps and I've got it down but for what it's worth, the automatic is way more convenient.
In January '08, I paid 22k while the auto was 28k. I couldn't justify the difference but don't regret it either. Different strokes sort of thing.


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