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Old    Shon G. (shon_g)      Join Date: Apr 2007       09-06-2007, 5:33 PM Reply   
How do you weight down your XLV
Old    Kraig Kaiser (kraig)      Join Date: Dec 2002       09-06-2007, 6:35 PM Reply   
I run 1000lbs in the front which I don't fill all the way all the time. I probably run around 800lbs, but sometimes I fill it all the way. In the back I have a 600lb sack on each side of the engine. I don't usually fill them all the way as well. I run them around a half to three quarters. But when I fill the front all the way, I fill the rear sacks all the way as well.
Old    Zach (zacharoo)      Join Date: Nov 2005       09-06-2007, 7:39 PM Reply   
Can I make my wake bigger? I do the same thing your saying. 1100 in the front and (2) 750's in the rear. My buddies who ride behind a SAN 210 aways complain the wakes' not big enough. I can ride behind both boats no problem. The SAN has a much narrower wake than my XLV. I pull in the rope so the cry babies get a near the same wake.
I want to make the wake stupid big so they shutup. In the end it my opnion that counts I love the wake the way it is but I would like to be able to make it so big they have to shut there pie holes and stop saying my boat sucks. I have made it so large by adding people that it gives a harsh kick and most of us end up injured.
but their not aways around when I have friends up.
Old    Kraig Kaiser (kraig)      Join Date: Dec 2002       09-06-2007, 8:59 PM Reply   
I've got to comment on your post Aqua. Not big enough?!?!?!? Our wakes are huge! Amongst the largest out there! And anyone who tells you otherwise is either jealous, has too big of an ego to admit it or just plain don't know what they are talking about. The XLV throws a great wake. I have people who ride with me who prefer my wake over the other boats they ride. In fact, one guy who has ridden a 210 on a regular basis and loves the wake gets excited when we take my boat. His two favorite wakes are mine and that of a 210. He likes the 210 for the steepness and kick. He likes mine because it's bigger and it has a great kick at the top. Another guy I ride with loves the wake and he is a die hard Malibu guy. And just recently I had a friend ride behind my boat for the first time and he was fully impressed. He rides behind a VLX, an X-Star and a 210. He was quite impressed with how clean the wake was.

I don't see how anyone can say that a 21 ft. boat can put out a larger wake than a 23 ft boat when you have similar ballast weight. It's all about displacement. And it sounds like you are running pretty heavy as well as a heavier boat. Now shape is a different story. But it doesn't sound like that's what your friends are complaining about. Also, the XLV's hull is notched in the back at the bottom to make it narrower and help it sink in the water to help with displacement. Size does matter and the XLV has it!!! More and more people are finding out what the XLV is all about. Matt Brown and SC made some changes to the hull for 2008. They added some lifting strakes to the bottom of the hull to help it plane out faster when weighted. He commented that they wanted to do more design changes to the hull but through testing they kept coming back to the current hull shape with the best performance.

Personally Aqua, if your friends complain that much and put down your wake and it bothers you that much, I suggest finding others to ride with.

(Message edited by Kraig on September 06, 2007)

(Message edited by Kraig on September 06, 2007)
Old    entrust clothing (entrustclothing)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-07-2007, 10:05 AM Reply   
i have the 1100# sac up front and i fill it and i have 750# in each locker and i fill those and then have 5-8 people on the boat, the wake gets scary! and i love it :-)

its the biggest wake ive ever ridden!
Old    lakeside5_10            09-07-2007, 10:59 AM Reply   
i have the 600 bag in front and 400 in both rear lockers that give a great wake , you can clear wake into the flats at 70ft rope and 6ft in air. i had the 750 bags in rear but getting boat on plane and set takes too long i have the 325 engine and acme 14.25 prop.. the bigger bags do put out a hip size wake and will throw you sky high , i just cant control that big lip on the top of it , maybe next year. my friend broke both bones in his leg last year when he cased the wake with the big bags and 11 people in the boat.
Old    Manzo (zo1)      Join Date: Aug 2002       09-07-2007, 12:45 PM Reply   
"and stop saying my boat sucks"

Jealousy is a beeaytch...
Old    lakeside5_10            09-10-2007, 1:42 PM Reply   
ENTRUST , how do you have your boat weighted for surfing.what speed and wake plate height.
Old    Todd S (tmobe)      Join Date: Mar 2007       09-10-2007, 2:11 PM Reply   
This is the best set up I have found so far.
All 2000 ballast(1150 bow and both 400 back lockers). Plus, one 750 sac in bow playpen, 2 600 sacs side by side on main floor. 1/4 to 1/8 plate. This is with Driver, 2 passengers, and 1 rider(4 peeps) total. THE BEST WAKE ANYWHERE OUT THERE!

With more people tough to say...depends on where they are sittin. I have had as much as 6000 in water weight and 5 peeps and it was sick! I was in the Delta for Labor day and we dialed it in with 12 in the boat, no sacs, and the ballast was only at about a 1000lbs(700 front, 150 port, 150 starboard). I hear you got your boat back! Congrats!
Old    entrust clothing (entrustclothing)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-10-2007, 3:04 PM Reply   
salty, i run the front bag about 3/4 full and the rear 750# bag all the way full and i run the plate at 1/2 to all the way up depending on how its looking, putting the plate all the way up makes the wake shorter and steeper
Old    Shon G. (shon_g)      Join Date: Apr 2007       09-10-2007, 6:10 PM Reply   
That is sick..Cant wait to try that.Was out today w/1100lbs front bag full, 750's in the rear and 400 lead in the front. it was good but Iam def. trying ur way. Give me a call so we can ride soon. Loven the boat back..
Old    Shon G. (shon_g)      Join Date: Apr 2007       09-10-2007, 6:12 PM Reply   
Todd what speed are towing with that much weight?
Old    Todd S (tmobe)      Join Date: Mar 2007       09-10-2007, 10:37 PM Reply   
Anytime bro! 25mph on my right side speedo. May be dif on yours but you will see it clean up at the right speed. Brodie was killing it at 90ft out!
Old    lakeside5_10            09-11-2007, 5:47 AM Reply   
anyone have a pic of the 1100 bag full for the front locker. not sure what size i have.
Old    Shon G. (shon_g)      Join Date: Apr 2007       09-11-2007, 10:43 AM Reply   
Salty.. If your boat is the standard XLV it is prob. the 800lb sac. If it is the GG edition it is the bigger sac.
Old    lakeside5_10            09-11-2007, 11:14 AM Reply   
i bought it with the front bag only , so my 06 xlv has the 800 sac . great i thought it may have been a 600
Old    lakeside5_10            09-11-2007, 11:18 AM Reply   
check out the monster tower racks i have on my boat , on my profile pic.
Old    entrust clothing (entrustclothing)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-11-2007, 11:44 AM Reply   
salty its a 650 sac

i didnt know you could get an xlv with just the front sac?
Old    Manzo (zo1)      Join Date: Aug 2002       09-11-2007, 11:56 AM Reply   
yea you can get it with only the front sac, I got mine that way as well...

It is the 650.

I have since added the 750's in the rear, the 1100 up front and use the 600 on the side seats when we wakesurf.

Surfin I fill the front about 3/4, approx 4-5 on the seats and the 750 full on the side we are surfin. Wakeplate about halfway to all the way up at around 11 mph
Old    lakeside5_10            09-11-2007, 12:10 PM Reply   
ok, this is the set up i used sunday , 650 in front locker, 400 in both rear lockers with a 750 bag in the right rear locker then a 750 in seat behind the driver. plate set at 7/8 down at 11.7 mph on pp. used a xbc 5.4 fish pocket was maybe 12 to 15 long with a 3ft wake. i need to make the pocket longer for more play room.


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