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Old     (Ian)      Join Date: Apr 2010       04-28-2010, 1:02 PM Reply   
Thanks in advance for the help.

I am looking into replacing my in boat speakers. I currently run 3 sets of JL XR6.5. They are a few yea old. I am pushing them with a Fosgate 450/4 couple years old. I am thinking about changing to 3 sets of WS XS-650.

My question is what amp do you or would you run for this set up?

I currently am runnig the 450/4 for the inboat speakers. A JL 500/1 for 2 JL 12w3 and a JL M6450 for my 6 tower cans.

Any help would be great.
Old     (brian_b)      Join Date: Dec 2009       04-28-2010, 1:51 PM Reply   
I have 3 pairs of xs650's powered by WS syn4. These 6.5's crank. What's "wrong" with your current amp?
Old     (Ian)      Join Date: Apr 2010       04-28-2010, 2:28 PM Reply   

I don't believe it has enough power to push 3 pairs @ 100w RMS.

How many watts are you running to each pair?
Old     (tro)      Join Date: May 2009       04-28-2010, 7:01 PM Reply   
i'm going to run 6 ws-650's with my clarion 480m (stock amp) for right now. and then maybe upgrade to a Syn 4 later. but i think the 480 and the 450 would be fine for 6 of those. someone correct me if i'm mistaken though. obv not the most powerful option, but...
Old     (hatepain)      Join Date: Aug 2006       04-28-2010, 7:22 PM Reply   
Exile 800.4 would push the shizz out of those- Wire two pair to the front (100 watts each) and one pair to the rear (125 watts each)
Arc audio KS 300.4 would do a good job as well
JL Audio 450/4 would be good also. The front two channels are 150 each while the back two are 75. Wiring the two pair off the front and one pair off the back would show each speaker 75 watts.
Old     (_vitty_)      Join Date: Jul 2009       04-28-2010, 7:32 PM Reply   
I have 8 pairs of xs-650's powered by 2 WS SYN4 amps. The SYN4 would push them awesome for you.
Old     (murphy_smith)      Join Date: Dec 2005       04-29-2010, 6:38 AM Reply   
I'd stay away from the Exile Amps, they are class a/b technology as stated on their website. In a boat, efficiency is king, go with a class H amp such as the Wetsounds or the Arc Audio KS.
Old     (Matt)      Join Date: Mar 2010       04-29-2010, 7:00 AM Reply   
I think you should get a JL MHD600/4 for the towers & a JL MHD900/5 for the inboats & sub
Old     (murphy_smith)      Join Date: Dec 2005       04-29-2010, 7:29 AM Reply   
The JL Hd's would be an excellent choice as well
Old     (dellagucci)      Join Date: Aug 2009       05-02-2010, 8:40 AM Reply   
IMOP id stay far away from wetsound amps. look at audison or hertz they are some of the worlds top amps for clarity and power. I got 3 hertz amps for my hole system and no other amps can compare to the power/sounds of the hertz HP line. But check out a hertz ep4x for the xs650s. Its a badass amp.. The HP( high power) line is costly but also check the EP line (energy power).
Old     (wetsounds1)      Join Date: Jan 2006       05-02-2010, 9:05 AM Reply   

I don’t why you would make a statement like that but you obviously do not have a clue about our amps. The Wet Sounds SYN amps are amazing amplifiers and represent some of the most cutting edge technology on the market. The board designs are designed by none other than Robert Zeff. Who many respect as one of the best 12 volt amplifier engineers in the world. The same Robert Zeff who started Zapco. (Zeff Advanced Product Co.) He sold zapco years ago and does product engineering for companies like Wet Sounds and Arc Audio and others. Funny thing is you mention Audison/Hertz. I am very good friends with those guys as well and spent a long time working with them on some of our amplifier designs. In fact I have a half dozen pre production amps. But I would bet even if we brought an amp line out using those designs. You would be the type of guy to say oh don't buy those, buy these not even realizing the background.

One of the main reasons we took the path we did was our Class H technology. It is super efficient and cool running. Perfect for a boat application. Same thing with full range class D amps. Very efficient and cool running. However I feel the Class H offers better sound quality and more power then a class d. (but the full range class d amps are getting better all the time) The Audison/Hertz amps are class AB. So an inefficient design and run very hot which are not the most optimum in a boat application.


A SYN-4 is going to be a perfect match for the 3 pairs of XS-650. We run 4 pairs of XS-650 in our demo boat off a SYN-4.

Wet Sounds

Last edited by wetsounds1; 05-02-2010 at 9:12 AM.
Old     (tro)      Join Date: May 2009       05-02-2010, 11:21 AM Reply   
i just got my 6 XS-650's hooked up yesterday. just using my stock clarion amp and it sounds a lot better than my polk momo's. hopefully i can upgrade to a Syn 4 at some point.
Old     (silvermustang35)      Join Date: Jul 2008       05-02-2010, 3:06 PM Reply   
We run 3 pairs of XS650s off a Syn4 amp and they pound all day long. They sound great! I would highly recommend them. We crank them all the way to our max point and they are crystal clear. That amp and those speakers go perfect together. If I had a choice to do it again, I would make the same choices without question.
Old     (Ian)      Join Date: Apr 2010       05-02-2010, 8:53 PM Reply   
Thank you all for the help so far.

OK so I now have 3 pairs of xs-650.


How would I wire the SYN to the speakers? How would I get the gains. I want to set this up as if it was your boat and you were turning it.
Also, would my JL M6450 do the XS-650's justice?

I also have a pair of Pro 60's, a pair of MB-8's and a Pro 485. What would you recommend I power all of the with? One amp would be the best . I pull riders and sit partying about equally.
Old     (dellagucci)      Join Date: Aug 2009       05-02-2010, 11:57 PM Reply   
damn clearly they are tryn to sell the syn series, i have done my only rock wetsounds speakers not amps.
Old     (wetsounds1)      Join Date: Jan 2006       05-03-2010, 8:52 AM Reply   

With the SYN-4. You would wire on pair on chs 1-2 and two pairs on chs 3-4. The SYN-4 does 125x4 at 4 ohms and 200x4 at 2 ohms. So you wind up with 125 per speaker on the single pair and 100 per speaker on the two pair running in parallel.

With the 6450. that amp is 45x6. So you would just wire them up to their own chs. however you would be 45 watts so over half of what you can do on a syn-4.

But since you have some needs on the tower. And want to do it with the least amount of amps. Here is how I would run it.

Two SYN-6 amps. Run one on the XS-650 in boats. The SYN-6 is a hybrid that has a smaller 4 ch section and larger 2 ch section.

At 4 ohms it does 60x4 and 155x2. Bridged it will do 200x2 and 600x1. Chs 5-6 are high pass or low pass. Which is a very unique feature allowing you to power a sub or subs or tower speakers

So in your set up. You would wire one SYN-6 on the XS-650 off chs 1-4. So one pair would be getting 60x2 off chs 1-2 and the other two pairs in 2 ohm stereo off chs 3-4 for 105x2 so 52.5 per speaker. Then bridge chs 5-6 on the single 485 for 600x1.

Take the second SYN-6 and run it in 4 ch mode. So it will be 200x2 and 155x2. 200x2 on chs 1-4 bridged to the MB-8 and 155x2 off chs 5-6 stereo to the PRO 60's.

This would give you awesome power on the tower with a bit more on the in boats versus using the 6450. Not as much as using a dedicated amp for the in boats. But the best solution in terms of amount of amps to run what you need.

Other option would be SYN-4 on the in boats. SYN-2 bridge on the 485 and SYN-6 on the Double UP or SYN-2 on the Double UP.

You can download this step by step guide on tuning a system and setting it up using the WS-420. If you dont have the 420, you just skip a couple steps. This is a really good "setting a system by ear" approach.

Wet Sounds
Old     (Ian)      Join Date: Apr 2010       05-03-2010, 9:41 AM Reply   

Really good info!!!

So on your site the Pro 485 rms power is 300w.

What power does the Pro 485 really like?
How about the Pr0 60's?

Thank you for all your help. Just want to make the right choice.

You know, measure twice cut once!!

I am probably going to get the ws-420. My once concern with it has been the ability to keep the subs up with the towers when partying.

Old     (wetsounds1)      Join Date: Jan 2006       05-03-2010, 9:50 AM Reply   
485 is 300 watts RMS and 600 watts Peak. The 485 likes 400 to 700. For instance, we have a ton of installs using the SYN-4 on a pair so 400x2 and a ton of 3-Somes off a SYN-6 chs 5-6 so 600x1 on the 485 and some guys using a SYN-2 per 485 for 700x1.

PRO 60's and MB-8's are both 150 watts RMS and 300 watts peak. However the MB-8 likes the more power. The 150 is perfect for the PRO 60 or around 200 is good. For intance we have a ton of SYN-2 on a pair of 60's so 200x2.

So they way I laid it out would be solid across the board and your best bet in terms of power and least amount of amps solution

As for the WS-420. All you have to do to set it up for party cove with the towers up and subs up with in boats barely on. Is adjust the gains that way. Set the amps so with the towers cranked and in boats barely up with sub knob up. It is where you want it. Then if you want in boats cranked. You just turn the sub down. Very easy to set it up this way. Plus it sounds so much better having some in boats playing. Just towers and subs sounds strange to me. I prefer to have some fill.

Wet Sounds
Old     (brian_b)      Join Date: Dec 2009       05-03-2010, 9:54 AM Reply   
I'll throw my 2 cents in. The pro485 will CRANK powered by the syn2, mono at 700x1!!


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