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propkiller 02-21-2004 1:46 PM

I recently got an mp3 player, and as I've mentioned earlier my computer knowledge is pretty limited. Does anyone know how to take songs off of CD format and make them into mp3 format so I can load them on to my player. I have Windows XP edition if that matters.

sdboardr99 02-21-2004 6:02 PM

The process is called ripping a CD. You need software to do it, such as Apple's iTunes, MusicMatch or RealPlayer (there are tons of them, including many free ones). When you rip a CD it converts the files into mp3 files at a certain bit rate or quality. I recommend at least 128kbps for good quality, and 192kbps is better but the files are larger. <BR> <BR>Check out <a href="http://www.burnworld.com/" target="_blank">http://www.burnworld.com/</a> or <a href="http://www.download.com/" target="_blank">http://www.download.com/</a> for ripping software. <BR> <BR>The opposite of ripping is burning, where you take mp3 files and "burn" them to a CD so you can listen to them on a regular CD player. A lot of the programs will handle both. <BR> <BR>

the_madness 02-24-2004 2:50 PM

Anyone know of good sites to download free MP3's? Something besides Kazza, maybe a little more low profile???

03-10-2004 9:06 PM

get kazza but get diet kazza to its totally legal dont even trip <BR>

03-10-2004 9:36 PM

i have friends who swear by diet kazza, howeveer the last time i tried to download it they were charging. Is it still free and whats the website??

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