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ryankid 02-20-2004 2:13 PM

Well i would like to look into new computers and i thought some of you guys might help me out. Everyone is very helpfull by the way(thanks). I have two computers at home now, one old dell and a gateway thats just a coupler years old. I would really like to start editing videos, and im not for sure if mine will work or handle that. Sorry i dont know the specs on either really. Just standards(dvdplayer,cd burner,ethernet) I also really dont know a whole lot about the internals. <BR> I know it will be kind of hard to tell me what i need, but any help would be great. Ive read the posts of what u guys have and they sound great(but once again i dont know what most of it is) I just figured i would be honest and see what you guys could help me with.

brinks 02-20-2004 9:54 PM

If you want to get serious about editing video, You should look into buying a mac.

richd 02-21-2004 8:30 AM

Every Mac made that comes with a Superdrive (most of them do now) is out of the box ready to do video editing and DVD authoring with the free software provided. Then you can move up to highend Pro applications that do RT video editing like Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express. DVD Studio Pro is an unbelieveable authoring program which is easy enough for anyone to learn yet has all the highend authoring features. There's Livetype and Soundtrack which come bundled with FCP 4. These programs alone replaced applications costing more than FCP. These computers just run, no crashes, no hardware issues.

02-23-2004 12:12 PM

anyone know where to get a discount on macs?

brinks 02-23-2004 1:09 PM

If your a student you can get it from apple with a good discount. If not Check out <a href="http://www.bhphotovideo.com" target="_blank">www.bhphotovideo.com</a>

ryankid 02-24-2004 2:12 PM

hey thanks fort the help, im going to check that out. never really thought of a MAC, but ill give anything a try.

02-24-2004 6:22 PM

Not to be a Mac killer cause i own an iMac(an old G3) myself and use it for some video editing. Macs are nice because they are very powerful although i kinda prefer PCs for doing that kinda stuff, i wouldnt mind getting Final Cut Pro for my PC. I am building a PC for the same thing practically but since i know a bit more of what i want its different. I say go for the mac and get Final Cut Pro to do you editing. Make sure you at least get a G4 Processor depending you could prob pick up a decent dual G4 processor machine for about 1500. Happy shopping <BR>

richd 02-24-2004 7:19 PM

"never really thought of a MAC, but ill give anything a try." <BR> <BR>you won't regret it! <BR>*

zigzagsd 02-26-2004 7:32 PM

i have a question, as i'm in a similar process. i haven't really looked into mac. are the processor speeds rated the same -- i.e. is a 1.25GHz mac processor significantly slower (as it sounds) than a P4 3.2GHz, or is that an apples to oranges comparison?

cali_rider 02-26-2004 8:23 PM

OK GET A MAC G5 dual with the 1.8 and get the goodies that come wtih it, i edit all day and its a dream, PCs will not cut it, also get final cut pro

cali_rider 02-26-2004 8:28 PM

Oh ya i say G5 becasue theres not a lot of render time, unless you like waiting at your comp and wanting for it to render then get anything else. Also the 1.6 ghz is totaly different then the 2.0, but if your editing get a MAC thats what there made for, also another really cool program is soundtrack.....be orignal when it comes to videos and make your own music(its so easy) also that way you can see they with out song rights.

richd 02-26-2004 10:56 PM

John R: <BR> <BR>The G4 and G5 chips have something like a 7 stage pipeline while the P4s have something like a 20 stage. So the while the speed of the chip is obviously a big factor the time it takes to get the instruction through the chip is a factor too. Add an operating system that is way more efficient and the differences aren't that great. The software is what will win you over though not the speed of the computer itself.

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