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09-22-2001 9:20 PM

OK, I spent most of friday attempting both these tricks. I am close on both but here are my problems: On the backroll, I tend to let go with my front hand and sometimes accidently come close to a roll to revert. I have a hard time holding on with two hands. I also need tips on starting the roll off the wake. <BR> <BR>On the TS frontroll, I am almost doing a front flip like you would on a trampoline, not a roll. I need tips on starting that roll and finishing it with enough height and distance. <BR> <BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

09-25-2001 10:09 PM


similar to a tantrum, but on a toeside edge 09-26-2001 8:54 AM

Backroll. I really like the analogy of hitting the wake like it is a quarter pipe and you are hitting it on a skateboard. Just let your feet go in the same direction. <BR> <BR>Frontroll. Square up to the wake (similar to a tantrum, but on a toeside edge). It is hard to describe, so you may want to watch some video of people throwing it (Detention).

09-26-2001 9:18 AM

Backroll. First you want to make sure your elbows are in to your side and that the rope handle is at your lead hip. If you make sure the handle is in tight then it will keep the trick nice and fluid. <BR> <BR>Next, you want to make sure you are making a progressive cut. This means you start really slow turning and as you get closer you cut harder. If you feel like you are unstable cuz you are going so fast at the wake it is probably because you started cutting tooo hard too soon. You want to make sure you edge hard up through the wake. This means you don't cut to the wake let up and then try and through the trick. <BR> <BR>Ok. Now you should have the cut down. When you are edging through the wake you want to push the nose of your board over your head and as you start to go upside you want try and touch your trailing ear to your trailing shoulder. Really what you are doing is looking in the direction where your landing is going to be. You'll figure that part out after a couple of tries. <BR> <BR>Remember: Handle In. Edge Through. Look to spot your landing. Oh yeah, and keep your eyes open. <BR> <BR>Frontroll. Keep the handle in to your lead hip. Stand Tall. Never bend over at your waist. If you do this you are going to lose your pop. As you are pop into the air you want to tuck your chin into your chest. Do Not break at the waist. As you are about half way around let go with your trailing hand and snap the handle to the top of your butt. Now, I don't mean completely behind you, I just meancloser to your butt as opposed to your stomach. If you put the handle there then you will be able to edge away on your toe edge. <BR> <BR>Hopefully this will be helpful. I also explained some other problems with these tricks a couple of posts down. I think it was toeside indy back roll.

09-26-2001 2:13 PM

thanks a lot guys. I am going thursday and friday and I am going to land them. I will take your tips to the water. <BR> <BR>thanks again, <BR> <BR>Tyler

09-27-2001 9:48 PM

my first backroll was an a flook just threw my head over my left shoulder and went with the flow first time i landed it after that i eat it for like 1hr of pain by the end of the weekend i think i got it down its a rush just hit it bro <BR> <BR>peace

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