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I know that this is a wakeboard forum but there aren't any good kneeboard sites and I've bee 09-22-2001 2:24 PM

I was wonderin if anybody had any idea on catching any air with a kneeboard (I know that this is a wakeboard forum but there aren't any good kneeboard sites and I've been riding on wakeboards for a little bit). Just a novice kneeboarder/wakeboarder hopin ta get some advice.

my strong side is from right to left so i'll take ya through it like that 09-23-2001 11:15 AM

Josh, <BR>I've been kneeboarding for several yeasrs now..i'm accually better at that than wakeboarding. I have just starting getting serious about wakeboarding this summer b/c its not as harsh on your knees and you can do more tricks. Any way on a kneeboard the best way to get big air is (my strong side is from right to left so i'll take ya through it like that)cut out hard to your right...pulling your hands in to your hip, then extend your arms through the transiting and pull your arms back inot your hip while making a hard cut towards the wake, cut through the wake and lean back just a litte bit so you will ride up the wake and not through it. Once you are in the air lean a little foward so you will land flat and not on the back of your board. Pulling the handle in to your hip will also give you a better landing. Hope this helps. If you want any more advice just ask..i can also do backrolls,180's and i'm working on a layout(basically a raley on a kneeboard) <BR>Brandon

don't know if that's what its really called 09-23-2001 1:22 PM

thanks for responding. I'm about to go out and try to get some air and do a surface 360 (don't know if that's what its really called). I'll tell ya how I do when I get back.

not even a foot, but progress is progress 09-23-2001 6:26 PM

couldn't get the 360 down, but did get some air (not even a foot, but progress is progress). Thanks bunches for the advice.

no air 09-23-2001 7:06 PM

Its good that you are making progress. As far as the 360 is concerned... i assume you are talking about a surface 360(no air). The easiest way to do that is to get out from behind the boat where the water is smoothe. IF you tell the boat driver to slow a bit that may help while you are learnign as well. Jerk the rope into your hip which should create slack in the rope...then turn your had to the left and reach for the handle. Its easier than jumping the wake. My brother's girlfriend did it the first time she tried. What kind of board are you riding..that may have somthing to do with it as well <BR>Brandon

09-23-2001 7:57 PM

i can do a wake to wake 360 on a kneeboard, its pretty sweet.

09-24-2001 12:22 PM

If you value your knees you should consider retiring as a pro-kneeboarder!

only about 6 or 7 inches 09-24-2001 6:06 PM

I've got a O'brien Black Magic board, and I was tryin ta do it behind the boat. I guess my dad was just drivin too fast or somethin cause I got air (only about 6 or 7 inches) but I could only do a surface 180.

09-24-2001 6:06 PM

Oh yeah, and the fins were in while I was tryin ta do a 360 but out while I was doin jumps.

04-02-2002 6:17 PM

My knees never hurt when kneeboarding just my ankles. And I can do rolls on both sides of wake, front flips even working on a double roll. I have been doing it for 3 years. I have had touchy knees my whole life from springboard/platform diving. I ahve never gotten ourt of teh water and said. Ouch my knees hurt. The ankles hurt from your butt landing on them. I am so sick of hearing teh knees excuse. If yoru knees hurt while kneeboarding you need to stretch more cause that the only reason the would hurt. I mean cmon your knees dont even move if you are doing it properly. Its liek hurting yoru leg arm wrestling. Sure you use it for leverage and stuff but umm its not actually involved enough to get injured. Just my humble opinion <BR> <BR>Gary

04-10-2002 12:54 PM

Or maybe it could be that you've had knee surgury in the past and you can't bend your knees enough to sit on them? No, that would make too much sense. Maybe I should just stretch more? That will help with the torn ACL and missing cartilegde.. <BR> <BR>thanks for the tips!

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