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09-21-2001 4:17 PM

I ride goofy. Im just looking for some tips for how to do a HS Back Roll. <BR>Thanx

krashr31 10-09-2002 9:45 AM

i had alittle trouble with this one too. i just learned them a week ago and i'm like 90 percent. once you learn it there easyyyyyy.i think i had a mental block about edging that hard toeside, so charge it. this is how I do them you'll here different ways so take from it what you will. start pretty much as far out as you can depending on you t-side prog edge.i lean against the boat keeping the rope glued to my hip i'm charging and staring at the wakeuntil i get about 5 feet at this point i take my eyes of the wake and rely on feel. i look up to the sky when i feel the wake i ride it to the top and pop like you've never popped before mostly of your back foot.KEEp the rope in the same spot glued to your hip and rotate right around it. this trick seems to take a long time so hang on for the whole spin , if you keep your eyes open you'll see when it's time to land if not your body knows when.your better of overotating cause it more likely you'll land it and it hurts less.hope this helps. let me know. most impt. are charge/pop/arch back/rope at hips from when you set your edge all the way til landing.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0>

dakid 10-09-2002 10:20 AM

I posted this on another "backroll" thread. <BR> <BR>The Backroll is a relatively easy trick to do, as long as you've got your progressive cut down. Without the progressive cut, you will get worked! This is what works for me and I have taught this trick to a few people this same exact way. It may not work for everyone. <BR> <BR>1. Cut out about 10ft. from the wake. (Yes, 10ft. The key isn't a hard cut) <BR>2. Start to drift in towards the wake slowly. <BR>3. Once facing the wake, start to lean back on the rope to cut harder. Remember to keep your shoulders up, and not back. <BR>4. Make sure your hardest cut is at the wake. (As stated above, the key isn't a hard cut...the key is a progressive cut, w/o flattening out) <BR>5. Stand tall and keep the handle at your lead hip at the top of the wake. <BR>6. As your coming off the wake, make your board go straight up and at the same time, look UP and OVER your lead shoulder. DON'T JUST LOOK OVER YOUR LEAD SHOULDER AS THIS WILL LEAD TO AN OUT OF CONTROL OFF-AXIS SPIN. <BR>7. Keep the handle close to your hip with BOTH hands. <BR>8. Keep your eyes open and spot your landing. <BR>9. Absorb the landing by bending your knees and continue cutting away from the boat. <BR> <BR>Like I said, it's a relatively easy trick, as long as you've got your progressive cut down and you commit to trying it. Don't half-ass it. Give it your all. If you apply the tips correctly, the rope, board and boat does all the work...you're just along for the ride. <BR> <BR>Good luck! <BR>

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