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jaegermaster 02-17-2004 2:05 PM

I was just wondering what people think of Sirius Radio. My deck in my truck will play it but I havn't listened to the song selections. I have been listening to the XM sample playlists on their web site but not Sirius. Thanks for any help.

isler 02-17-2004 3:19 PM

I can't say anything for Sirius, but I've had XM Radio for a little over two years. XM rocks... I've driven my truck from Florida to California, to southern Canada, and never lost signal. Over 100 channels... always good stuff playing. I recently drove nonstop from Los Angeles CA to Vail CO, and never changed the station or had the sound cut out. That's pretty damn cool. On some of the stations, you can call in and request songs, too. <BR> <BR>They also completely removed commercials from all stations as of Feb. 1st. Some stations are uncensored, so you hear it as it was meant to be heard...whether it's rap, rock, or comedy bits from George Carlin or whoever. <BR> <BR>Mike

jaegermaster 02-17-2004 3:45 PM

I agree XM rocks. The only problem is my new stereo has the built it Sirrius tuner. I boutht it because it plays Mp3's and also has auxilary inputs for my minidisc. Anytime I road trip the mp3/minidisc setup works well but around town and on shorter trips I never want to mess with it. <BR> <BR>Thanks for the input.

h2oskeefreek 02-18-2004 6:07 AM

I have sirius and i think it's great. I do however occasionally lose signal under large overpasses and sometimes on the road between two large trucks. <BR> <BR>I sell Sirius, so let me explain some of the difernces. <BR> <BR>XM uses re-broadcasts of ClearChannel radio broadcasts. I personally don't have a problem with this if they take out ALL of the commercials. which they say they have, but i haven't listened to it recently. <BR> <BR>XM has 2 satellites, and TONS of terrestrial repeating towers, so it's a little better for getting signal on the road. <BR> <BR>Sirius uses fresh broadcasts from thier own studios in New York, which is kinda cool, but you still get the repeating of the same popular songs over and over. I thought this wasn't going to be the case. I hate ClearChannel Communications stations because it's so repeatative, but it's really just the nature of radio. <BR> <BR>I find some of the programming to be a little better on Sirius, it's a little less mainstream. so you are more likely to hear new artists (i've heard a few that i've complety fallin' in love with) but if all you want to hear is OutKast: Hey Ya, either format can oblige you. <BR> <BR>Sirius has more sattelites (3) and much less terrestrial repeaters. sooo.....what this means is better reception on the water than XM. so if you want to get reception on the boat, it's better to get sirius because if you aren't near a repeater, forget it. <BR> <BR>Sirius has a NasCar team.

Walt 02-18-2004 6:22 PM

I have Sirius on My boat and it works great. <BR>I think they are going to have all the NFL games this year too.

chill720 03-11-2004 1:18 PM

what is the best antenna set-up for Sirius to use? I have a new 04 xstar and it has sirius capability, I want to get it hooked up, but can't decide which antenna to get, or where to mount it for that matter. any advice would be appreciated. thanks

domin8 03-14-2004 10:24 AM

h2oskeefreek - I have the same question - What antenna, were and how to mount it ?

Walt 03-14-2004 2:53 PM

My antenna is on the dash behind the mirror. It's really small about the size of a mouse.

03-15-2004 6:44 AM

Sirius is great, with all the NFL games broadcasted this fall, I'll abe riding more on sundays. I owned XM before sirius, I prefer sirius due to sports packages (well worth the extra 2-3 bucks)

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