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OUCH?? 09-17-2001 11:06 AM

I have been working on a pete rose off the double-up, everything is sweet but the landing, I cant quite get onto my toes and keep skiping out on my ass. <BR>what will help me get on those toes? <BR> <BR>When I try it off the wake I tend to under rotate the spin and catch my heel edge(OUCH??) How can I complete the final 180. THANKS

09-17-2001 11:20 AM

i would say concentrate on keeping the handle closer to your body through out the whole trick. it wil make it a lot easier to get the handle pass and keep you more fluid. also make sure you are looking with you head for your landing

09-17-2001 2:38 PM

i think off the d-up you are over rotating, because you keep landing on your ass. in order for the fins to catch, you can't land it parrallel to the wake, which i think you are doing. try to control the spinning portion as much as possible, cause the flipping part is easy

09-17-2001 5:30 PM

try taking a t/s 3 way out into the flats, this will help you on the landing.

09-20-2001 5:41 PM

or help him kill hiself

could be the last time before the snow falls 09-23-2001 6:36 AM

Thanks for the tips guys, Im heading out this morning (could be the last time before the snow falls) I havent payed much attention on keeping the handle in tight,I think thats my problem. <BR>I'll try that and let you know how I did... <BR> <BR>THANKS

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