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09-16-2001 10:13 PM

are they the same trick or does one involve landing wrapped.

09-17-2001 11:08 AM

No difference.

09-17-2001 7:06 PM

if there is no difference then why does one version look harder then the other . By this i mean ,one you jump the wake and go blind immediately so by the time your midwake your back is to the boat. on the other version you jump the wake maybe even get in a grab and then right before your landing you go blind where you back hand is wrapped and you ride it this way for a few seconds before you switch the handle to the other hand. All i know i can land the first version but i am having trouble w/ my handle pass on the other after i land .

09-17-2001 7:31 PM

Tiges right no difference but <BR>Its all about style .Some do it one way others do it differently but you still are doing a blind 180 either way.Everything in between is personal style like grabs late handle passes,slow rotation and landing wrapped up etc..Its all about style which i have none ! <BR> <BR>Later

09-20-2001 5:15 AM

Dont sell yourself short Bill, But thanks for the help anyway guys . Maybe one of these days I can get some of that so called style too!!!

style 09-23-2001 12:39 AM

Hey I just got it today (style) I am stoked!!!!

wrapped/with the handle in the small of your back 11-26-2001 10:44 AM

I don't know if it's just me but there is a difference between blind and to blind 180's... a blind 180 is another therm for the backside 180... you can pass the handle or land it to blind(wrapped/with the handle in the small of your back) sorry if I'm wrong but I always thought about it that way...

montanye (bill) on Tuesd 12-04-2001 10:49 AM

Yea Joe its just you<IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":)"> ,your making it too hard.If you turn to blind,land blind,or do a blind 180 you are still turning a 180 no matter what.You can either land wrapped ,pass it early or pass it late but the rotation is always blind and at least one 180.You can do a blind 360 ala backside 360 but its still 2 blind 180s even know its a full 360..Maybe im wrong but i think i got it.. <BR> <BR>Bill

read my profile Quote 12-04-2001 4:07 PM

Another thing Joe may be getting confused about is that when you do a blind 180 esp. wrapped some people tend to grab (read my profile Quote)and thus it changes the name of the move from blind 180 to Indy to Blind...

12-08-2001 3:10 PM

hey guys... watch higher education and you'll see... I had not make up anything I said...

12-08-2001 11:18 PM

Hey Joe I heard you shot your woman down..sorry man had to put that in there...Anyways how is that wedge working with your malibu,been thinking bout getting one...

12-10-2001 10:23 AM

Abe, I think your mistaken, I shot your woman down... sometimes rumors get all wrong... and for that wedge... it's not my malibu... if it was mine I'd put weight in it, not a wedge... it create a nice clean wake... but not quite big enough though... and make the boat pretty hard to handle at low speed... I prefer to put weight in a boat in order to get a good wake... but hey, since my parents are not loaded, and I'm still studying... I'll have to get used to good ol'wedge...

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