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lizrd 02-09-2004 6:53 PM

I have heard from Rich that he is not coordinating events this year. If anyone out there in Wakeworld cyberland hears about this upcoming season let me know. He mentioned the coordinator from MO might double up and organize IL as well.

mike_riffle 02-09-2004 8:13 PM

Lizrd, <BR> <BR> Yea Rich is right. Missouri has decided to take over and run a two state format. You should have tournaments in Illinois and Missouri. Due to much overlap of the two states we felt as if competitors may be better served running the format this way. Contact Rhoda or Joe in the Missouri INT for further information. Go to intleague.com and go to event locations and click on Missouri. Hope this helps. <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR>Mike Riffle <BR>Kansas INT <BR>Midwest District Coordinator

kstateskier 02-09-2004 8:14 PM

Rhoda and Joe Voss are taking the tour over. For more information you can get a hold of them at <a href="mailto:missouri@intleague.com">missouri@intl eague.com</a>. I think they are planning at least a couple stops over in IL.

lizrd 02-10-2004 1:35 PM

Thanks for the info - I hope that we truly do have some in IL since I am about 3 minutes from the Wisconsin border. If they are all too far into MO it will be tough to do. I will keep checking the INT site for updates.

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