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wakeboard4568 02-09-2004 5:44 PM

I found out today that INT will be here in my town on June 13th. I've competed tons of times before and done okay...I really enjoy it. So here's my "problem." The most I can do is grabs, and last year im my last comp, I got out there and couldn't even barely jump off the wake...lol i felt so stupid. It was pretty unfair too cause there weren't enough women there for their to be divisions...so heres me going uip against backrolls and stuff. I knew I didnt have a chance but I did was well as I could. I don't have a real wakeboard boat so to me, the wake is stinkin huge when I compete..so i was stuck. LOL <BR>SO ANYAWY ENOUGH COMPLAINING, I just wanna have fun at all my comps this year and i was wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks that you think Id be capable of....im sick of doing baby stuff... <BR> <BR>Thanks, sorry for whining, lol <BR> <BR>ELisabeth

kstateskier 02-09-2004 6:00 PM

Weren't their enough wakeboarders that you could enter Intermediate, that sounds like your division and then you wouldn't have to go against backrolls much.

wakeboard4568 02-09-2004 7:31 PM

Yeah I would be intermediate, but there usually only like 6 of us girls that show up so the judges dont bother splitting us up into divisions so i always end up getting screwed...

timmy 02-09-2004 7:41 PM

so ride in the guys division?

kstateskier 02-09-2004 9:15 PM

Yeah, you can always ride in guy's intermediate or novice. Also, I bet National INT would have a problem with this, as that is the whole point of the INT. The coordinators should take control and split it up. In Kansas, it doesn't matter if the division has one participant, that person will win the event and get their trophy. Maybe we're getting spoiled over here. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by kstateskier on February 09, 2004)

mike_riffle 02-09-2004 9:18 PM

Elisabeth, <BR> <BR> That sound strange. We have our tournaments at home and have had classes that only a few people show up in, but we still run them. Let me know for sure if this was the case and I will contact the state coordinator for your state and make sure they know what is going on. Let me the skinny on this so I can take care of this. INT is created for everyone, regardless of how many people show up in a class. <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR>Mike Riffle <BR>Kansas INT <BR>Midwest District Coordinator

wakeboard4568 02-10-2004 5:07 PM

Well, one time I was in a Hyperlite competition thing and there were only 3 of us girls there...and they split us up into divisions.... <BR> <BR>O MAN SORRY I just read my very 1st post and it sounded like i was talking about INT the whole time....the one where they didnt spilt us up into divions was the music city wake fest. INT has always been good about divisions...HAH I THINk i was a little confused myself...sorry. <BR> <BR>ELISABETH

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