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jon_a 02-09-2004 9:48 AM

Rob Struharik will be attending the Little Rock Boat show this weekend, Feb 13-15. He will be at the Diamond Lakes WaterSports booth promoting Moomba, Supra, CWB, Nice, and Roswell Towers. Dan Miller, the VP of Skiers Choice will also be there on Saturday. Please stop by and visit as well as check out the awesome deals on our boats and pro shop equipment.

exodous 02-10-2004 7:50 AM

sweet, i'll be there

wakehawg 02-10-2004 8:08 AM

Where is this taking place? Alltell, Convention Center, Denny's Parking Lot in Conway? <BR> <BR>Has anyone been to do this before? I'm up in Fayetteville and was wondering if it was worth the drive down. I could see my parents at the same time. I suppose I would be obligated to..... <BR> <BR> <BR>Thomas

jon_a 02-10-2004 9:48 AM

Yeah, its at the Convention Center down by the river. The past two years I have been and its pretty good. I'm a dealer now and will have my stuff there.

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