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milehighrider 02-07-2004 12:18 AM

just going to vent some frustration. i got phone call this evening from the owner of the storage lot where i keep my ride. he informed me that it have be vandalized. they ripped the storage cover, bow cover, stole the amp and sub and destroyed the interior vinyl. i guess there is not much you can do but i sure does piss you off (BAST>>>>)

tpalmeri 02-07-2004 8:17 AM

Were there other units vandalized? If not, do you think it could have been an inside job? Just a thought.

kristian 02-07-2004 8:51 AM

Arn't they ment to have security cameras' in those storage lots?

timmy 02-07-2004 9:29 AM

do they rent garages big enough for the boat?

milehighrider 02-07-2004 7:15 PM

in all there were about 25 units hit mostly rv's. my ride and an x-star just across the way i think were the only boats hit. the police think it proably was an inside job do the volume of stuff stolen (tv's, sterio's, etc) they would had to have a car to drive it all away. i'm not sure about the cameras', good question for the owner. i have not seen a garage in storage wide enough for a comp boat.

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