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tigeal 02-06-2004 7:01 PM

Looking for lessons on our lake in bakersfield area(Ski West). One day for two teenage boys needing to learn advanced rotations/inverts. <BR>Spring or early summer and during week best but weekend ok.

socalwakepunk 02-06-2004 7:11 PM

Sounds like a job for Cdubs!

bbr 02-06-2004 7:14 PM

Just what kind of inverts and rotations do your kids want to learn? You have perfect timing, I have started a wakeboard school in Bakersfield and would love talk to you. Give me a call, it's Westside Wakeboard School, the number is 661-587-9199. I would direct you to my website but it's under construction right now. I'll talk to soon. Ask for Brandon. Thanks.

tigeal 02-06-2004 8:22 PM

Sounds good and will call. My 15 yr. seems to have platued at hs and ts 180's and hs 360 and needs some help going beyond that. We don't ride with anyone that does anymore than that so some help would be great.

bbr 02-06-2004 9:02 PM

That sounds great. I would love to help out. I'll look forward to talking to you soon.

rob_c 02-06-2004 9:41 PM

Alan, <BR> <BR>I would have to give Brandon an A plus reference as far as his coaching abilities. I've had the pleasure of riding with Brandon. I am a beginner and he has helped me with my riding, and is very knowledgable/patient. <BR> <BR>Rob C.

bbr 02-07-2004 5:17 PM

Rob just don't tell anyone how much I paid you to say that! Kidding. How the heck are you? You been riding at all lately? Ive been heading out about twice a week. Can't wait for the hot sun to show up.

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