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jake_mi 02-06-2004 5:22 PM

I am trying to decide between a subject and a parks, i am an intermediate rider, I wont be hitting any sliders, can u give me some advise? thanks

hobag 02-06-2004 7:17 PM

Well I can say I've never ridden a Subject but the specs are similar. Having ridden the parks, it holds an edge extremely well because the fins are longer in length. It also lands pretty soft because of the center beam, I'm not sure if the subject has something like that.

magellan 02-06-2004 7:46 PM


shane 02-10-2004 4:24 PM

the subject is a lot looser than the parks. i agree, demo them both

canaday 02-10-2004 4:48 PM

Not too similar. The subjekt feels a lot lighter than the Parks. The Parks always felt like a huge brick on my feet. However, it is completely a subjective decision, so follow everyone else's advice.

wes_can_riders 02-10-2004 5:35 PM

the subjekt is alittle faster than the parks on the cut into the wake... if u notice that on the subjekt that the middle of the board is thick but it gets thiner closer to the nose/tail that gives it that speed and also the swallow tail. I personally like the subjekt better and with this board u can get booted into the flats alittle more than the parks

mvda 02-10-2004 11:57 PM

Go demo some boards. Both the Subjekt and the Parks have very agressive 3-stage rockers, which I tend to believe is a bit much for intermediate riders, and a lot of very advanced riders too. Try both those boards, but also try the LF Balance and Litmus and the Hyperlite Premier and Era. These boards all have a subtle 3-stage rocker, which will still provide good pop, but also a consistent feel. If weight is an issue, you will usually find Liquid Force to be lighter.

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