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jake_mi 02-05-2004 1:35 PM

what are your favorite handles and ropes? should i get the carbon handle or regular?

typhoon 02-05-2004 1:45 PM


jarrod 02-05-2004 1:52 PM

I love the carbon. the nevin osmosis is my favorite.

typhoon 02-05-2004 1:55 PM

i was told to get a premier by others here and i am glad i did.

dakid 02-05-2004 2:15 PM

Regular. <BR> <BR>Hardline DHS or Waffle, and Hardline Shoestring or Spider ropes.

wakesurge17 02-05-2004 2:48 PM

I have the premier handle and the jacket rope (both accurate)I haven't got to use them yet, due to the damn cold season but soon enough I will . The handle is nice,soft,and light.

kevin_bird 02-05-2004 2:57 PM

the brian grubb grip is sweet it is grey and made by accurate. i would get the catalysrt line it is 80 feet with 5 3 ft sections instead of 3 5 foot sections.

typhoon 02-05-2004 2:59 PM

i picked up an awesome blue blazer line on ebay for 30.00.

toyotafreak 02-05-2004 9:30 PM

For what it's worth...I got the Ameoba Grip and Viper line combo from Overtons last year and love both.

puckinshat 02-05-2004 9:35 PM

I have a masterline spectra microfusion main, I love it. I actually used a ski handle for most of the year last summer. I will have to say it was interesting landing 3s with a ski handle, but I was succesful. You guys like the new straightline handles, I think one is called a bantam, where you can wind the rope around them.

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