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wake_fun 02-04-2004 10:58 AM

I currently have an 03' Premier 140 Biolite and was thinking of buying an 04' Temet 138 DNA. Can you give me feedback on the Temet vs. my Premier? Also if I do buy one should I get the 138 or the 142? <BR><b>Any and all info would be great!</b> <BR> <BR>I also met Murray at the Pleasanton boat show last Saturday. He is a very cool guy to talk to. I had him sign a poster and a Hyperlite hat. <BR> <BR>Thanks.

dakid 02-04-2004 11:02 AM

wake_fun, go to Ski World in Castro Valley (510/881-5881) and demo. That's the best way for you to know if the Temet will work for you, and what size you like best. <BR> <BR>You might want to check out Cope &amp; McPheter's (somewhere in the Bay Area...check with 411), and Oogabooga (I think they're in Walnut Creek).

jarrod 02-04-2004 11:45 AM

I can't be certain without looking into the stats, but I beleive the Temet is a contiuous rocker, where your premier is a 3-stage. Castro Valley IS a great place to demo. Those are cool people.

wake_fun 02-04-2004 1:23 PM

I kind of wanted to buy it at the boat show since they are cheaper than anywhere I found online. I wouldn't have a chance to demo it before Sunday. Everywhere online wants $523 and the boat show has them for $440. That's the DNA.

jess 02-04-2004 1:35 PM

Give RV at Grizzly Sports a call 866-444-BEAR. He'll hook you up.

jarrod 02-04-2004 1:48 PM

Save some flow and go for the Biolite. From what I hear they're stronger than the DNAs.

dakid 02-04-2004 1:51 PM

...and none of us here are good enough for the 1lb difference to really make a difference in our riding.

dakid 02-04-2004 1:54 PM

OK, maybe it's just me that's not good enough...

deepstructure 02-04-2004 3:46 PM

the premiere is a "subtle 3-stage" and the temet is continuous. the temet (if it's anything like the belmont), will be faster and not have quite the same pop. that's just my idea given my experience with my board (02 belmont 141) and a couple of 02 premieres.

jmanjohn 02-04-2004 4:51 PM

I would also like to know the answer to that question. I have one and have not ridden it yet. Hopefully I can answer it this weekend.

bbr 02-04-2004 4:52 PM

Stack, how is the video stuff coming along?? Have you been back on the water since the last time I saw you??

wake_fun 02-04-2004 5:58 PM

John, <BR>After you ride it, can you come back on here and give me some feedback? Hopefully before Sunday? <BR>

nautiair 02-06-2004 9:37 AM

it's a lot like a belmont..... I have ridden a pre-production model and a production model- I currently ride a 03 premier and I can tell you that the boards are very different.... the TemeT has the same feel as a belmont to me.. fast and consistent pop (not as abrupt as the premier) .. I used to ride belmonts and then my 03 got stolen and I had the premier sitting there so I went to it... I think that if you ride the big premier then you should go with the big temet. ride the biggest board that you feel comfortable with. It makes the pop less abrupt and the landings much softer.... going to a bigger board helped my riding as much as anything - Good luck ! <BR> <BR>Alex

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