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The pic's of my new premier from grizzly sports 09-13-2001 2:50 PM

Here's a clip of an indy stiffy, earlier in the summer. Take a look at the ginormous size of my wake. If you see how I can improve my stance or anything please tell me. I know I need to keep the handle lower, but other than that. <BR>(The pic's of my new premier from grizzly sports) <BR> <BR><!-Attachment-!><CENTER><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/icons/attachment_icon.gif" ALT="indystiffy"></CENTER><!-/Attachment-!> <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/clipart/your_image.gif" ALT="board">

09-13-2001 2:58 PM

Alright, I messed up on the above post, so lets try again! <BR> <BR><!-Attachment-!><CENTER><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/icons/attachment_icon.gif" ALT="2,indystiffy"></CENTER><!-/Attachment-!> <BR> <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/messages/3184/9740.jpg" ALT="board">

09-13-2001 3:06 PM

Unfortunately the quiktime clip was too big, so that didnt work, but i have a snapshot of it in my profile...

09-13-2001 5:19 PM

u call that big, my grandma can jump that high

09-13-2001 6:33 PM

hey kyle why are you putting the guy down?He was proud of his new board and trick so let him have his day.You could have just ignored his post if you didnt think it was good enough for you.

kyle 09-13-2001 6:58 PM

Alrite, first of all I was being sarcastic, and second I realize that isn't big but I'm riding behind a little outboard ski boat with no wake, unlike you (kyle) who apparently rides behind an X-Star. Not everyone has wakeboard-specific boats. Some people just go out to ride for fun, and they don't really care if they get 10 feet of air. I had just gotten the camera and was just riding for the fun of it, fooling around and stuff. It bothers me that there are people like you who have to make fun of other people who are doing what they enjoy. Aren't wakeboarders supposed to support each other and give each other advice rather than point fingers? That's how I think it should be. I don't think Parks, Erik Ruck and Shaun Murray (as you have them listed as your favorite riders) would be making fun of you cause you can't do S-bends and 720s. Anyways, I have better things to do than worry about what you think. Hell, 5000 people are still missing under the WTC buildings and here we are arguing about an indy stiffy. Come on, let's focus on what's really important.

09-14-2001 9:32 AM

It's just the little sh** showing his age again. I'd be willing to bet you wouldn't find him saying anything if you were face to face as opposed to safely typing on his computer...

F. Landry (jfoots) on Fr 09-14-2001 10:45 AM

Hey Maestro... sickboy is right don't mind Kyle; Since I've been on this discussion group, all he's been doing is post smart a$$ comments; ... Or maybe his grandma can really jump!! <BR> <BR>Last weekend, my grandma landed her first toeside raley to blind... Maybe it's time for the old timers x-games!? ;) <BR> <BR>J

09-14-2001 2:13 PM

If Kyle's grandma can get that high, I want to date her. lol. <BR> <BR>C'mon guys, lighten up. Don't you thing Kyle was kidding? <BR> <BR>Maestro - great move! Wish I could do it! Great height too!

09-14-2001 8:34 PM

jfoots, <BR> Excellent job on tactfully putting the thread back on track. Very nice.

09-14-2001 8:36 PM

thankyou gary, i was kidding, i would say that to his face, it would just be in a sarcastic tone, and it is hard to be sarcastic on the internet.

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