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colorider 02-02-2004 2:29 PM

If you did not get your permit today, I HIGHLY suggest you get it tonight or at least on tues. As of 11;30 today, they have sold over 300 of the available 525 permits. They lowered the number of permits being sold this year to 525. Talking to the head guy there, he said there is no doubt in his mind that they will have over 400 of them sold by the end of the day and will be sold out completely by end of day wednesday.

coboarder 02-03-2004 9:45 AM

Did Todd get his?

02-03-2004 9:57 AM

He better have!

colorider 02-03-2004 11:22 AM

Our gang is all set up. Even Jimmy got his or rather Denise went and got it when I told them they were going fast. Now, just have to wait 3 months for it to open. There are going to be a ton of noobs there this year from what I was observing at the rangers station. questions like "what do you mean I need insurance now. I dont register my boat till the spring" were flying all day long. And "what, no beer!!?"

02-03-2004 12:11 PM

All is well, then.

coboarder 02-03-2004 12:52 PM

I was talking to Brian yesterday (the sky ski rider) We were talking about a trip to Pueblo in March if we get a 60 degree day on the weekend. Anyone interested?

colorider 02-03-2004 1:48 PM

Si Pablo. Meeez will go to Pueblo whitya.

02-03-2004 2:05 PM

I'm in.

milehighrider 02-03-2004 8:07 PM

i have been waiting for some locals, so i could chime in. let me know when you guys are going

coboarder 02-04-2004 1:07 PM

Will do. Where is lake Timnath?

milehighrider 02-04-2004 3:27 PM

its a private lake just before ft collins. this will be out first year there so the book is still open. we did sloans for years

colorider 02-04-2004 7:40 PM

Wow from Sloans to Timnath. That is quite the large step. I have heard great things about Timnath. I thought there was like a 5 year waiting list. Did you wait that long to get in?

milehighrider 02-05-2004 3:18 PM

negative on the list part. its a long story but bassically i got the ph# for the guy who manage's the lake. gave him a call, went to look at put my name on the list and bingo. from what i gather i got lucky. the guy said that they have had at least 5 people drop the last couple years. i guess it was just good timing. i actully have my name on 2 other lakes as well both in wellington, the 5 year wait seems to hold true there?

colorider 02-05-2004 7:01 PM

Well good job!!! I looked on the internet and if it is Timnath resevoir, that sucker is huge. Looks like the only problem it has is gets murdered during drought situations.

milehighrider 02-05-2004 7:58 PM

yes i do belive that it would get low during drought, but because of it's size i thinks it is still rideable. i do believe that the water is owned by and irrigation company so if the plains get water the lake stays full (not forsure though) we'll have to have a little ww gathering some weekend or better weekday

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