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wake2wake103 02-02-2004 3:28 PM

I have to write a short storie for school. I was thinking about writing about wakeboarding. Anybody have ideas for a plot.

wake2wake103 02-02-2004 3:29 PM

Sorry about the spelling, didn't look

dbjts 02-02-2004 4:04 PM

Boy goes boarding, boy gets eaten by shark. I think I would call it "Jaws"

wakestar8878 02-02-2004 4:04 PM

whats the story supposed to be about, or did the teacher just say write a story about anything?

xtremebordgurl 02-02-2004 4:05 PM

does it have to be fictional? Cause you could write about your first time out, or the first trick you stuck. Describe the day the weather, how you felt, etc. Or how you got involved with the sport. When it comes to writing narratives (stories) I find the things most easy to write about are our own experiences. Do you have a criteria? What are some of the guidelines?

wake2wake103 02-03-2004 6:10 AM

We can write however we want.Would write more but I have to go to school.

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