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09-11-2001 10:28 PM

Ok... so I've been loading the line, but i still am unable to get more than three feet of air... <BR>so I want to know this: Do you load the line by pulling with your arms, by leaning against it hard... and when do you load the line? <BR> <BR>Peace, <BR>Ittai

09-11-2001 10:29 PM

Lemme rephrase something... Do you load the line by pulling with your arms or by leaning against it, or some other way? <BR> <BR>Peace, <BR>Ittai

09-12-2001 8:15 AM

To answer your basic question, leaning is the answer. However, it is more than that. 1st, load is built gradually. It is a strong force that you put on the tower/pylon. 2nd, it is a tug-o-war in a sense. You against the boat. How do you get any leverage against a boat? You dig your edge in to hold your ground. You WILL lose! You fight it like hell, but time it so that just before you are overpowered and pulled off your edge, you hit the wake. All the energy created by the tug-o-war will suddenly be released when the board leaves the water. The pop from this is strong, so you must hold some resistance to it. This is why you edge all the way up through the wake and let the board release. Dont try to flatten out or ollie. Dont just absorb it with your knees. <BR> <BR>What usually happens when you are learning is you take a wide cut and gain too much speed and reach max load before you get to the wake and you flatten out. Take a smaller cut out. Load it gradually and pop. This way you dont gain uncontrolable speed. Speed will come later when you get the fundamentals down. <BR>Now go try to rip the tower off the boat! <BR> <BR>Good luck! <BR> <BR>Jason

09-21-2001 3:15 PM

Good description J. I usually try to tell people to take a smaller cut out, but that lasts about two seconds!!

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