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wakediva 01-28-2004 11:40 PM

Which lakes in Arizona are best for wakeboarding and how long are the seasons?

leftcoastpunk 01-29-2004 12:09 PM

Best lakes are bartlett and sahuaro, apache is real nice but its a long drive. the season is year round, even without a drysuit. Do you live in az?

bwood 01-29-2004 3:59 PM

Sweet boat for a young guy michael. I'd like to move to scottsdale, but I was wondering how far bartlett and sahuaro are from you ? Also can I rent a slip on these two lakes. I like to keep my boat in the water.

wakediva 01-29-2004 9:49 PM

Thanks for the reply Michael. I live in Oregon, but my husband and I are going to be quitting our jobs and taking off on the road with our camper and boat, some time in the fall. Arizona is one of the places we definately want to stay for awhile. Do you ever visit Lake Havasu, how's the boarding there?

leftcoastpunk 01-30-2004 6:40 PM

Thanks woody, you got a pretty sick boat yourself, hows the '04 working out for you? I live about 20 minutes from both sahuaro and bartlett Both have slips not sure on how much they are at sahuaro, $150/ month for dry storage at bartlett, not sure on slips. try here <a href="http://www.bartlettlake.com" target="_blank">www.bartlettlake.com</a> . Chelsea, as for Lake Havasu, I have never been wakeboarding there, I can say that the one time I was there it was really windy, and I hear that the lake gets pretty wind whipped. You might want to look about 20 miles down the river in Parker, there are river front homes from Parker all the way up to Parker Dam, the water is great there. Hope this info helps for both of you guys <BR> <BR>(Message edited by leftcoastpunk on January 30, 2004)

bbr 01-30-2004 10:38 PM

Hey all, I'm heading up to Havasu around the middle of next month. What's the seen up there like? We are gonna be doing a bit of filming, and want to hit some sliders. Are there any out that way?!

buttacup 01-30-2004 10:41 PM

There are a few in one of the coves in near Site six. Last time I was out there, there was a dragon, flatbar and Aframe. My friend and I fixed the Dragon slider a bit. you'd have to move the Aframe and Dragon slider out a bit. You can't miss the dragon slider, it says WSR on it.

bwood 01-31-2004 10:05 AM

Thanks mike thats a very good website, It makes me want to move tomorrow. Are there alot of wakeboarders in Arizona, It's hard to find people to go in Jersey. I'll get the boat some time in April and I can't wait anymore. Just want warm sunny weather. It's 25 with snow on the ground here.

leftcoastpunk 02-03-2004 4:07 PM

Ya there are alot of riders here. The AWA does about 6 tournaments a year aswell as free ride stuff. The scene is big out here.

bbr 02-03-2004 8:54 PM

Is anyone near Havasu City?

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