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fav trick! 09-10-2001 10:08 AM

I have mastered most of the grabs, recently mastered the Air Ralley ( fav trick! ) and the HS backroll. I am looking to learn tantrum's and 3's as well ( HS ). MORE Importantly looking to bust out some TS inverts? Can anyone provide some tips on a good TS invert to try? TS tips anyone..... thnx <BR> <BR>-= peace =-

09-13-2001 4:22 PM

ts backroll, easy as shizat, just come in about 15 feet out hold a solid edge, WAIT FOR POP and throw your head back. keep boths hands on the rope until you get your pop, and then drop your backhand, when you spot the wake, bend your knees and you will stick it. some people have an easier time taking it to revert so do what feels natural, you should stick it the first day

09-13-2001 4:39 PM

Sweet!!! <BR>Thanks for the tip - I'll let you know how they wen't on monday!! <BR> <BR>-= peace =-

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