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09-09-2001 11:25 PM

Okay... so this weekend, I felt that I better learn something new, so I went for an ollie 180... and got it first try! <BR>it was siiiiick. I drilled it a bit.. I have it about 2/3 times... not bad for a weekend's work. <BR> <BR>I have a vid of my ollie 180. I was hoping for some tips to get it higher, maybe change it to a bs 180... now that would be nice... <BR> <BR>go ahead and copy the URL: <BR><A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/nighthawkb/wakeboardollie180.mpg" TARGET="_top">http://www.geocities.com/nighthawkb/wakeboardollie180.mpg</A> <BR> <BR>Peace, <BR>Ittai

09-14-2001 7:42 PM

try it wake to wake

rflybdr540 (butterflybdr540) on  11-12-2001 3:01 PM

Wake to wake 1's is where the air is <IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":)"> <BR>B

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