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larkin 01-19-2004 12:45 PM

If you have 30 minutes to spare, it's fun, especially when it is 35 degrees outside <BR> <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.cbc.ca/kids/games/wakeboarding/" target="_blank">http://www.cbc.ca/kids/games/wakeboarding/</a>

larkin 01-19-2004 12:56 PM

ok ok, i got 40000, and I'm gonna stop

dodgydave 01-19-2004 12:58 PM

You evil evil <a href="mailto:b@stard">b@stard</a>! Thats so addictive easily a few hours wasted.

deepstructure 01-19-2004 3:09 PM

wow - that's fun. best one i've seen yet.

shiftywakeskate 01-19-2004 4:06 PM

what are some of your best tricks and combos that youve done

rodeo 01-26-2004 8:24 PM

had to keep this toward the top, can't lose the site name.(guess I could write it down)

blabel 01-26-2004 9:43 PM

Ok I'm worthless. I'm actually better in real life. I suck at video games.

chris_hargis 01-27-2004 1:41 PM

I got it to get more than 2000 points for a combo once, but I cant remeber what I did to get those points. Any pointers or good combo moves that score high?

01-27-2004 1:58 PM

that is the sickest cheesy game I have ever played! I clicked on the link expecting to play it for like 5 mins. and ended up playing for an hour.

canaday 01-27-2004 1:59 PM

900's are worth a lot and you can do them back to back. I got top 10 2 x's before lunch, and I'll have to see if I can get it again before I go home.

maverick_gear 01-27-2004 2:15 PM

i got 3240 for a switch scarecrow plus an indy 180 plus a method 360 i totalled 12k max so far just press alot of buttons at once

canaday 01-27-2004 4:09 PM

That game is a crock. I got 89K and it wouldn't let me put my name up anymore.

depswa 01-27-2004 5:18 PM

I cant land anything besides grabs and 180s...is there a trick to it? Example...on my raley, I lay out ok, but cant pull my feel back in to land? I know I must be missing something?

todd_everton 01-27-2004 6:58 PM

Got 10,000 for a raley a few times.You gotta hold it for a long time.1080 will get you 5000.The more tricks in a jump,the higher the score. <BR> Todd

deepstructure 01-28-2004 2:10 AM

one of the things no one has mentioned is ya gotta build up your power (upper right hand corner graphic). the more tricks you land without crashing the more power you have the bigger you can go.

shirows 01-28-2004 2:17 AM

that is fun, i am working i can play a long time, but this night i will try most longer. <BR> <BR>

larkin 01-28-2004 9:43 AM

I warned you guys..... <BR> <BR>I landed a few 1080s, you can only do them going heelside and with full power. <BR> <BR>Best score 79,000

canaday 01-28-2004 10:02 AM

Stick with 9's. You can do them back to back to back... They are only 4100, but you can do more of them than 1080's

deepstructure 01-28-2004 3:17 PM

whoops - i meant upper LEFT hand corner graphic. *puts down the drink* maybe i should go to bed earlier...

wsrideer 01-28-2004 7:01 PM

who ever gets over 30,000 obviously has no life <BR>

canaday 01-29-2004 8:00 AM

Oh, you mean work?

newse 01-30-2004 6:57 AM

found another one to tempt you guys, try <a href="http://www.1001onlinegames.com/wake-boarding-xs.html" target="_blank">www.1001onlinegames.com/wake-boarding-xs.html</a> nearly got busted by my boss earlier!!

wakeredmond 01-30-2004 3:16 PM

I agree with sean. Stick with the 9's I did a whole series of them and got 106k today which put me in 2nd place as md. i decided to leave it at that and hope I can refrain from this game for a while ( have a link in my favorites though so it will be hard )

psudy 02-04-2004 11:30 AM


chris_hargis 02-09-2004 2:51 PM

Ok, I have been doing the 9's for 4100 for the most part and have gotten a score of 95K with it, but can't break the 100K barrier. I'll keep pluggin.

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