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propkiller 01-14-2004 10:47 AM

I am looking for a small MP3 player that is easy to use. I will use it primarily for the gym but still want one that I will be able to plug into the boat stereo(whenever I buy a new one). I'm not the greatest with computers so I want one that is easy to use. It doesnt have to be one of these huge jukeboxes, just as long as it has over about 3hrs of music. Any input is appreciated.

propkiller 01-14-2004 10:48 AM

And if it matters I have a 2.4gig Compaq with Windows XP

dcervenka 01-14-2004 10:53 AM

Check out the mini i-pod (it's the one on the right>>>) <a href="http://www.apple.com/ipodmini/" target="_blank">http://www.apple.com/ipodmini/</a> <BR> <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/87667/94485.jpg" alt="">

laptom 01-20-2004 12:04 PM

Take a look at the new Soniqcast Aireo <a href="http://www.soniqcast.com/simple.html" target="_blank">http://www.soniqcast.com/simple.html</a> <BR>This is a super simple mp3 player with 1,5GB harddrive, WiFi (and fixed USB) and a radio transmitter!!! So you don't have to connect this player to your radio, it transmit's the output on a FM channel....

colorider 01-20-2004 12:44 PM

Being that you are going to use it for the gym, size will matter. I got an RCA LYRA and love it. Has 128 meg built in and a slot for a media card for expanded memory. Easy to use, and very very small. weighs nothing. Also the price is much less then other brands.

toolfan 01-20-2004 12:45 PM

apple sucks <BR>the movie says it all. <BR><a href="http://www.ipodsdirtysecret.com/" target="_blank">http://www.ipodsdirtysecret.com/</a>

deepstructure 01-20-2004 1:47 PM

oh man that's awesome.

shutupandboard 01-20-2004 5:04 PM

If you read this <a href="http://ipodsdirtysecret.com/message.html" target="_blank">http://ipodsdirtysecret.com/message.html</a> It says he then spent $400 on a new i-pod.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0> Why in the heck would he go and buy ANOTHER i-pod when he was completly unsatisfied with the first one? I just don't understand that. If your so ticked about a product that you would go and make a movie about it. Why support that product more by buying another?

toolfan 01-21-2004 7:12 AM

Just proves that he is an idiot I guess. <BR>I thought the fact that he bought a Apple product was enough, but you managed to confirm it.

crracer 01-21-2004 6:36 PM

Don't get an I river if your looking for something user friendly. My brother got one for x mas and it took me over 30 mins to switch from mp3 to tuner mode as well as over an hour to program some stations.... really disappointed. I like Creative's Nomad (MuVu) very simple

colorider 01-21-2004 8:46 PM

Go to <a href="http://www.cnet.com" target="_blank">www.cnet.com</a> and look at what people have to say about all the mp3 players out there. Real users, real reviews from people who have purchased the products. Also, look up the ones you are interested in on amazon.com. They also have reviews done by people who have purchased the item and have had actual experience with them. In my opinion, these 2 websites should always be used when buying electronic equipment. Their reviews have saved me countless amounts of wasted time and money when I have purchased anything electronic.

propkiller 01-23-2004 4:20 PM

Thanks for the CNET advice. I went on there and looked around. Sorry for the stupid question but one of the players says you need a 2.0 USB port... I have a USB port on the front of my computer but how do I know what it is?

dcervenka 01-23-2004 8:22 PM

If you have a fairly new computer (< 1 year) you will most likely have USB 2 <BR> <BR>Here's how you can check what version you currently have: <BR><a href="http://www.usbman.com/Guides/checking_for_usb_2.htm" target="_blank">http://www.usbman.com/Guides/checking_for_usb_2.htm</a>

maestro 01-24-2004 11:58 AM

Actually, the new Nomad MuVu has a Hitachi 4gb microdrive in it. If you have a digital camera that will support it, you can remove the drive from the MP3 player and use it in your camera (after formatting it). Certain CF and microdrives will work as replacements for the 4gb microdrive in the MP3 player. So, if you have a card that would work in the MuVu, you can get a $300+ microdrive for your camera for $200 (shipped - Amazon.com) as well as a new MP3 player. <BR> <BR>Thinking about buying one myself, but haven't committed yet.

maestro 01-24-2004 7:14 PM

Actually, make that MuVo not MuVu

02-17-2004 9:33 PM

The Rio Chiba is very small and can hold a decent amount of songs. Although u never said how many songs you would like it to hold so.

sdboardr99 02-17-2004 10:49 PM

I just read that Apple already has orders for 100,000 iPod mini's. They are really dominating the market when you look at the total number of iPods sold, well at least the high-end $200+ market. <BR>

scott_a 02-18-2004 12:45 AM

(4 gig) ipod mini - $249 <BR>(15 gig) ipod - $299 <BR> <BR>All I have to say is that there are a lot of stupid people in the world... <BR> <BR>The ONLY reason that this thing is selling is because it's an Apple...not because it works any better because it doesn't. Props to the Apple guys for making yet another electronic device look "cute," because they will be making millions off this one...

richd 02-18-2004 6:15 AM

A lot of people are buying the mini iPod for it's size and don't need more than a thousand songs. I know because my youngest daughter is one of the "stupid" people that bought one! <BR> <BR>It was great to see all the Mac ads from the 70's and 80's being re-run because of the 20th anniversary, especially the one with Bill Gates talking about the Mac being the computer he liked to use!

richd 02-18-2004 10:38 AM

I also wanted to mention Scott that I sold her 5 gb iPod on Ebay for $195.00 when I started hearing the rumors and right before they announced the new ones. This was an over 2 year old unit with a marginal battery that I bought used for her originally on ebay for $260.00. So her original iPod cost her $65.00. I don't expect this new one will be any different when it get's sold eventually! You're right, props to Apple!

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