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reto 01-11-2004 5:37 AM

i like it to go wakesurfing. but we only have a small wake. what do you think is the best board to have a lot of fun with small wakes. <BR>thx for your help. <BR>reto/germany <BR>

hyperliterider3 01-11-2004 10:38 AM

i would say the hyperlite brodcast <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/559019/93993.jpg" alt="">

cabalisticfire 01-11-2004 7:56 PM

hmmm, I would say a larger board like the Landlock or maybe and Inland Surfer Green Room would work better. You'll have a hard time dropping the rope on a small wave with a Broadcast.

reto 01-12-2004 12:18 AM

I actually use an hyperlite landlock and it does not work good. i can drop thr rope for a while but its hard to hold the speed...do you think a larger board - maybe the greenroom- is better for small wakes?

cabalisticfire 01-12-2004 9:01 AM

I have not personally ridden a green room but have heard that it is one of the easiest boards to stay on the wave with. What kind of boat are you riding behind and how are you weighting it?

poon 01-12-2004 1:59 PM

If you have a small wake you are definitely going to need a board that floats well.

gotpwr 01-13-2004 10:14 PM

I had a landlock and sold it to get a green room because I was sinking the tip on the landlock trying to keep up with the wave. The green room will be an improvement over the landlock, but it will still take a lot of effort to ride a small wake. Since I've had the green room I've made my wake a lot bigger and it is whole lot more fun and easier to ride with a bigger wake.

wakeeater 01-13-2004 10:32 PM

i have rode a broadcast on a samll wake werked ok i have gone for a most a minute cause i had had to ride backside it fast so its pretty easy

jonb 01-14-2004 7:08 PM

it is hard on any board with a small wake; the bigger the board the easier it is

dyonisus 01-16-2004 5:20 PM

I was a t the boatshow today and the new CWB inland board is supposed to pack a lot of speed. <BR>

boarditup 01-19-2004 8:26 AM

You need a board that will tolerate nose-diving. I recommed a test run of the Trick Boardz. I comes from the skimboard perspective. If you want the best float, however, look at a Softtop. They have the best surface area to control ratio for beginner/intermediate riders. The also don't harm the boat.

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