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09-04-2001 7:37 PM

I ride right footed. I am trying to do a 180 recently I get the spin easily off but when i land i sit like way down on the water and just loose control. I try to keep my legs straight and am wondering if that will help. When I go next weekend i will try it again plus i will be using a Air Boom for my first time!! Thanks for the Help. One more thing what is a 180 called with the goofy stance?

09-04-2001 7:42 PM

its just a 180. Make sure you get your weight on your toes when you land. You are lnding on your heels and that is why you sit and skip out. When you do it right the first time it will feel like you are going to land on your face. Howver, you willland on your toe edge perfectly and ride away. <BR> <BR>Good luck! <BR> <BR>Jason

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