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09-03-2001 12:39 PM

hey i really need some help with my 180s .. is there a wrong way to spin?? <BR> <BR>thanks alot .. <BR> <BR>asher

goofy 09-03-2001 1:36 PM

If you're left foot forward and doing a H/S cut, rotate CCW, if you rotate CW it's a Blind 180 and requires a handle pass or a blind landing. If you're right foot forward (goofy) rotate CW and so on. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps, <BR>Steve

09-03-2001 5:54 PM

thanks alot, <BR> <BR>now i only gotta figure out the landing ... had a bad wipeout today. but i'll try it again and hopefully land'em. <BR> <BR>asher

09-04-2001 5:29 PM

aher try to over rotate a little, almost to 200, so the board is facing away from the wake instead of parrallel to it, this will allow the fins to catch and prevent bad falls.

09-05-2001 1:26 PM

when you land from going hs to ts, try to land on your toeside edge. if you land with your weight on your heels, you'll slide out and be violated by the water

09-05-2001 1:33 PM

hey thanks hopefully i'l get out tonite and try that .. when u learned it, when you landed switch, did you ever have to so that u had too much weight on the front foot and the tip of the board caught the water? <BR> <BR>haha happened to me last time out .. <BR> <BR>ouch! <BR> <BR>later and thanks alot guys. <BR> <BR>asher

09-06-2001 11:58 AM

Something to try is starting switch and landing in your normal stance. This allows you to land to your stronger stance and get the feel of the rotation.

right behind the boat 09-09-2001 7:35 AM

I also suggest to people starting from between the wakes (right behind the boat) and do your 180 jumping into the flats, this seems to work pretty well and they don't have to contend with a big steep wake if riding with more experienced riders. <BR> <BR>Good luck, <BR>Steve

09-09-2001 11:03 AM

Now that I am consistantly landing my 180's from both wakes I feel I can comment. The thing that helped me the most is riding switch. When you first get up, get up switch and get the feel of it, crossing the wake, etc. If you can't get up switch, get up like you normally do and then when up,doa surface 180, and ride switch. Then when you land from your normal stance to switch it will feel more natural. Stand up straight and swivel at the hips. Its a blast. Next thing to try..wrapped 360. Not too sure about the handle pass yet.

09-12-2001 11:12 AM

Hey Michael, the only advice I can give you about the wrapped 360 is to make damn sure you jump first and get in the air good before you release the small handle. If you release before you get in the air, you will go off axis and probably end up doing a rather painful faceplant or chest plant. Go for it and find out how easy it really is.

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