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12-31-2003 12:59 PM

We were invited vie e-mail last Saturday night by Jack Blodgett of Backyard Films world premier of Jack’s latest film "Reflections" just four days before his film premier. With the mad Christmas rush we thought what the heck we would make the 3 1/2-hour drive, if it was anything like Jack’s last years film premier in Portland it should be a good time! <BR> <BR>He promised the film premier, tons of giveaways, like industry gear (wakeboards, eyewear, vests, Rockstar, etc.) and a 21 and over after party with special appearances by pro Wakeboarders Ricky Gonzales, Keith Lyman, Collin Wright, and Chad Sharpe. We thought what FUN!! <BR> <BR>… .Boy did things change when we got to the film premier location at McFadden's Bar and Restaurant in Portland. We were hit with a $8.00 apiece cover charge even for kids. Jack never mentioned this in his invite… OK. The film starts late, no problem… things happen! At the end of the film Jack gets up and states that there will be a problem with the giveaway drawing he forgot tickets? Darn, we thought even after driving 3 1/2 hours, paying $34.00 we might have a chance walking away with a prize… no-way. Jack made up questions about Wakeboarding for the prize giveaways and took the answers from the crowd. The problem with this is McFadden's is on two levels and spread out with two bar areas so you couldn’t hear Jack or if you did you had to be right up front to SHOOT OUT your answers… so the people right up front won all the give ways. The Pros just hung around the bar area, really didn’t mingle at all not even with the hot chicks? <BR> <BR>Jack next time just have people send in their money to buy your video… it cheaper in the long run and if it’s any good you can watch it again for the same price as it cost to get in your premier!!… And by the way if you were woundering about the video… it’s not real good the filming is just average at best the same pro riders as most all videos have with the same tricks and the music was not timed or different? <BR> <BR>Jack hire a PR firm or get sum help the next time!

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