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ncstateharvey 12-31-2003 12:55 PM

I'm building a 5 ft kicker ramp this winter but have yet to find a home for her. Is anyone out there interested in adopting my ramp? I'm looking to place her somewhere in Central Wi. Of course the adoptive family gets to hit it. I usually board on the wolf river but would consider putting it somewhere else in Central Wi.

shaggydan22 12-31-2003 1:47 PM

How far is that away from somerset?

ncstateharvey 01-25-2004 4:08 PM

Somerset is about 5 hrs from me. I'm in Neenah, wi.

wazzy 01-26-2004 8:32 AM

how far are you from Lake Wisconsin?

ncstateharvey 02-05-2004 1:04 PM

Lake wisconsin in near merrimac right? If so that's about 2.5 hrs from me. My girlfriend will be in Madison this summer so I think that might work out as a great place to put a ramp for the summer. When I get around to it I'll send you some pics of the ramp. Let me know if your still interested in keeping it in the water and about what depth of water the ramp would be over. Send me an e-mail at <a href="mailto:james.harvey@kcc.com">james.harvey@kc c.com</a> if your still interested.

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