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bbeach 12-15-2003 9:08 AM

I despise the winter months! All I want to do is get on the water! Although I'm sure my body appreciates the rest...

airfreak 12-15-2003 3:28 PM

What's keeping you off?

bbeach 12-16-2003 9:33 AM

Wind! <BR> <BR>How are you doing Ken?

kstateskier 12-16-2003 12:44 PM

I lost any drive to ski in 30-40 degree temps anymore. Give me 80, okay so about 50 in the spring. I am just not into picking ice out of my air anymore.

bbeach 12-16-2003 12:55 PM

Nick! <BR> <BR>I thought you had died or something man. Where have you been hiding? Yep I hear ya about skiing in cold temps... Maybe if its a nice day or something but other than that I'm staying inside. Are you still at school or did you graduate? Have you found a job yet?

kstateskier 12-16-2003 3:51 PM

I just got back from Osage Beach last week. Since then I've just been getting stuff around and doing a little work for the ski team. I have to finish up this spring, and then I'm looking for jobs in Wichita and KC. I was up in KC this weekend, checked out the new Skier's Wharf Xtreme shop out in Blue Springs, it is awesome, you'll have to check it out. I'll be up at the INT party on the 3rd. How bout them Cats!!!

airfreak 12-16-2003 4:54 PM

Still trying to ride some here in Wichita. Drop a line if your down this way. If the winds not blowing we can go out.

bbeach 12-17-2003 9:36 AM

I've been meaning to check out the new Skiers Wharf. Where exactly is it located at? <BR> <BR>See you at the Xmas Party! <BR> <BR>Go Wildcats!

kstateskier 12-17-2003 8:19 PM

40 Highway and 19th in Blue Springs

bjbatch 12-17-2003 11:59 PM

You guys need to make a trip south or west and ski in the winter. I lived my whole life in the midwest until 2000 when I moved to California. It totally changes skiing to be able to go year round. I am going out this weekend!

bbeach 12-18-2003 11:05 AM

Thanks for rubbing it in Bruce!

bjbatch 12-18-2003 1:11 PM

Hey, if you fly out here I'll pull 'ya in exchange for a slalom lesson. I made my first pass of the course at 15 off this year, but only at 28 mph. I have a long ways to go yet. <BR> <BR>Year-round skiing does help a lot when you have to make boat payments every month!

scottie_k 12-18-2003 3:27 PM

I'm jones'n to get out on the water too, does anybody want to go out tomorrow @ 6am. San Diego!

scottie_k 12-18-2003 3:44 PM

I'm jones'n to get out on the water too, does anybody want to go out tomorrow @ 6am. San Diego!

bjbatch 12-18-2003 4:45 PM

Scott - Ordinarily I would jump at the chance but I am buried at work and cannot take the morning off. I am going out Sunday at Elsinore for open water skiing and wakeboarding.

kstateskier 12-18-2003 10:18 PM

I would love to ski year-round, but I am NEVER moving to California. I would rather ski 9 months out of the year on a quiet Kansas lake than 3 months on a quiet Cali lake and 9 on a very busy Cali lake. ;)

bjbatch 12-18-2003 11:44 PM

I didn't say you had to move! I grew up in Iowa and have skied/boated a lot in Iowa, Missouri, and Minnesota and I have to honestly say it is not that different here. The lakes are crowded on weekends, but once you figure out where and when is best, it is not so bad. If you have a quiet lake, that is awesome. And if you are only giving up Dec, Jan, and Feb, then you <i>are</i> a die-hard!

tacosupreme 12-19-2003 9:07 AM

We have 2 inches of ice on my canal. The lake should be frozen solid by middle of January. At that point I'll probably tow the wakeboarders and kneeboarders behind my snowmobile but using the appropriate snow equipment. Maybe I'll try slaloming on a frozen lake. I love it up here in sunny Michigan. Well sometimes at least.

bbeach 12-19-2003 9:46 AM

I usually try and ski at least once in each cold month just to keep myself going but I haven't gotten much of a chance this December. I need to get at least 2 sets in over Xmas at Table Rock to keep my streak of skiing each month this year alive!

kstateskier 12-19-2003 11:42 AM

I'm with Brad, I usually don't miss a month, though I have already missed November this year, skied on Halloween in shorts and that was the last time I skied. I have been so busy with work this year I haven't even brought out the drysuit and the boat is winterized. The engine winterization doesn't bother me, but I hate messing with getting the water out of the heater! Oh and Bruce, I didn't mean to bash California, I know some people love it, but I'm more of a seasons guy. I love Kansas, we experience the seasons, yet the lakes are usually not frozen over for the most part. T-Rev, I feel sorry for you guys in Michigan!!

airfreak 12-19-2003 4:21 PM

Hoping to hit the lake tomorrow. Hope the wind doesn't get bad. Anyone else?

kstateskier 12-19-2003 7:18 PM

Waxing the boat, anyone want to buy it???????

bbeach 12-22-2003 9:32 AM

Taking some sets at Table Rock after Xmas hopefully if the weater cooperates! Then waxing and re-winterizing the boat!

bftskir 01-20-2004 7:48 PM

Ahhhh California, <BR>I barefooted on a little private lake near Sacramento on Sat Dec 27th and Snowmobiled in 10-20 feet of snow near Truckee on Sun Dec 28th turned around and left the snow in the high sierra and came back down to the delta...man I love it here.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/smile.gif" border=0>

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