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tuneman 12-11-2003 2:42 PM

Here's a concept of the latest O'brien kneeboard. The design was influenced by their wakeboard line, since the two disciplines are so similar. "We basically took our top wakeboard and stretched it out," commented a representative. "Similar molding processes were used in order to achieve an extremely durable board. The major difference is that we used carbon fiber composites in order to reduce the weight. Strength was also increased by adding vertical ribs on the top sides that run the length of the board. This helps to eliminate the destructive stress at the footman loops. <BR> <BR>Other new concepts never seen before on a kneeboard include: <BR>* multi-molded-in-fins for extreme carving <BR>* the "shock seat" for back strain relief which is connected to the "Controller" via a bungee cord <BR>* the "Controller" which gives the rider complete on-the-fly adjustability of the knee-binding. A twist of the upper knob raises and lowers an ankle relief pad. A twist of the lower knob tightens the kneewell sides so the riders knees are locked in. The whole system works with cables similiar to adjusters on snow ski boots. <BR>* the "Extreme" quick release strap. A lever released seat belt type buckle on the strap that allows "Extreme" tensioning along with quick removal. <BR> <BR>The new board has not been named yet. O'Brien is looking for input on the name. There is no word on the release date. <BR> <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/50752/91633.jpg" alt="">

tacosupreme 12-12-2003 8:05 AM

That thing looks sweet Tuneman. <BR> <BR>I was hoping that they had already completed it. But the whole thing looks photoshopped. Hopefully the finished product will be as cool as the concept. Not like GM and their concept cars.

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