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cfisher 12-10-2003 9:03 PM

Here is some footage from Sunday with riding from Sean Colt, Mark But****a, Rob Thorson and that Fisher girl. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakepics.com/view_single.php?medid=9594" target="_blank">http://www.wakepics.com/view_single.php?medid=9594</a>

blabel 12-10-2003 10:07 PM

That was a great video and I must say the funniest song I've heard in a long time!! <BR> <BR>Good job on the HS front btw. Looks clean.

tparider 12-10-2003 10:23 PM

That was awesome. I hate to say the same thing as Blabel, but that was a hilarious song and that hs front flip was nice. <BR> <BR>

forwaken 12-11-2003 6:44 AM

Still no 180 huh? Oh well, great vid. Hopefully will get out there on the first, at least me anyways. I know Paul and Squid will be there, me coming will depend on how everything is going with the new baby. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by forwaken on December 11, 2003)

wakelvr 12-11-2003 11:26 AM

That song cracks me up! Great job on the video Christie... keep them coming!

canaday 12-11-2003 11:40 AM

Awesome video, who does that song?

deepstructure 12-11-2003 12:27 PM

that's weird al, right? another great installment christie - and that is a nice hs front!

xrated 12-11-2003 12:46 PM

I always look forward to your vids. You guys must ride a ton, my boat's been put away for nearly 3 months. I know sucks to be me. How many hours on the VLX?

cfisher 12-11-2003 12:50 PM

Yes, the song is done by Weird Al. I'm glad others found the humor in it as well. I laughed like crazy when I heard it the first time. <BR> <BR>Rod - I have over 60 hours on the VLX already. Time flies when you are having fun! I love California!

tikki83 12-11-2003 3:42 PM

why do you put spanish names to your videos?

thor 12-11-2003 5:17 PM

Ojo Rojo was a joke that started with a group of friends back in the late 80's on a spring break trip to Mazatlan. <BR> <BR>For some reason the name popped up again this past weekend on the boat when we were talking about sex and other things and it was a fitting title to remember the day by. <BR> <BR>Christie, thanks again for the ride this weekend and thanks for the video. I think I would have rather continued to imagine how I looked riding versus actually knowing. In my mind, I was a lot better rider than what the video actually showed. Oh well, it's all about having fun any way. <BR> <BR>Rob <BR> <BR>

walt 12-11-2003 5:39 PM

Red Eye ? Is that right? My spanish sucks!

thor 12-11-2003 6:12 PM

Yeah, Red Eye is the translation. <BR> <BR>We rode the train from the California border to Mazatlan one spring break and stopped off along the way in some small little town where we had dinner and beers. About 3 or 4 hours later we started having some problems and ended spending quite a bit of time in the restroom. <BR> <BR>When all was said and done certain parts of our body were red and irritated, hence the drunken name Ojo Rojo was born. <BR> <BR>It's kind of an inside joke between the guys who went on the trip, but I'm sure most of you can figure out what the one red eye is referring to. <BR> <BR>Sorry if that's too much information for some people.

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