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rob_c 12-08-2003 4:51 PM

Has anyone dealt with Kimo (Jim Jones) with Nvert Sports (650) 804-0792 in Redwood City, California? He advertised a board on WakeWorld classified ads, I sent him the check, it has been cashed and I have not received the board.

norcal_99 12-08-2003 5:09 PM

Hey Robert, A friend of mine is friends with Jim. I'll inquire about it for you. <BR> <BR>

rob_c 12-08-2003 6:11 PM

Rene, that would be awesome. Thanks. <BR> <BR>

norcal_99 12-08-2003 6:33 PM

No worries I'll get back to you when I hear. <BR> <BR>

buttacup 12-09-2003 8:21 AM

So Rob,what kind of board did you buy?

norcal_99 12-09-2003 10:15 AM

Robert, he can always be reached at <a href="mailto:jim@nvertsports.com">jim@nvertsports. com</a> or you can also call Nvert at (800) 288-5124. <BR> <BR>

jefefitz 12-09-2003 1:38 PM

well at least he hasn't changed his business practice since t3 went down.

norcal_99 12-09-2003 2:08 PM

Jeff, What's t3?

baschralper 12-09-2003 2:13 PM

he used to own t3 towers back in the day

woundedknee 12-09-2003 2:54 PM

Rob, I'm sure you'll get your board. I picked a board thru Nvert as well about a month ago. no problem. <BR> <BR>trace

wakejunky 12-09-2003 7:31 PM

If Jim Jones is associated with NVERT, be very leary of your money......... <BR> <BR>He still owes money to people from his T3 days, and I'm one of them.

rob_c 12-09-2003 10:00 PM

Dam, just got in from working 14 hrs, and no board .....sucks <BR> <BR>

rob_c 12-09-2003 10:08 PM

Rene- thanks ! <BR>Lynsey- Absolute <BR>Jeff- thats not good <BR>Trace- sounds hopeful <BR>Chris- thats not good

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