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I'm definitly worse than I thought 08-27-2001 2:02 PM

Ok I recently saw myself on video wakeboarding. (I'm definitly worse than I thought) But it seems that I have a really hard time keeping the rope at my hip. Especially on larger wake jumps. The rope seems to bounce up to my head and generates slack right after I hit the wake. I pull the rope (or try to at least) to my hip at the top of the wake but when I do it seems to jump up to my chest or head. Can anyone give me any pointers to keep the rope down or how I can correct this problem? <BR> <BR>BTW, video has already helped my riding and I only have about 2 minutes of video. I highly recommend everyone doing it. I can now land about 60% of my heelside w2w 180's <BR>My hips were turning but my shoulders weren't and thus I was sliding out on my tukus. For all you struggling with that trick and I have been for a while, concentrate on the shoulder turn along with the hips and you won't plant your backside in the water as much.

if needed 08-28-2001 10:54 AM

Congrats Mike, <BR>I love the video too. I just started landing my hs w2w180 also. However I did it when I realised I was turning the board to match the direction of the boat not the direction I was traveling/jumping. This lead to a slide out every time. Now we know that a slide results from a board not rotated to match the direction of the jump. My son slides out on his toesides and the video shows the board pointing to the boat every time. It needs to point in the directin of the jump. I landed my 180 by focusing on getting the board around to the direct i was jumping, this forces me to turn the sholders or let go with one hand (if needed). <BR> <BR>Now to workon the handle at the hip. My body just doesnt want to twist enough.

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