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tyerone44 12-04-2003 3:30 PM

I was thnking about getting a I pod. Does anyone have one and do you like it? 60 Gig hard drive one is 600.00

norcal_99 12-04-2003 3:36 PM

They're cool, but I'll never buy one because I'm not into music that much.

timmy 12-04-2003 3:54 PM

you could get cd/mp3 decks for your truck, boat, and car for $600. and never have to plug in the ipod or change batteries. and the cds are disposable

scott_a 12-04-2003 6:14 PM

60 gigs? That's a bit redundant if you ask me. How much music do you guys actually listen to on a regular basis? <BR> <BR>I just got a new mp3 player a few weeks ago, and took the iPod into consideration, but since I use it for excercising I decided not to get it. <BR> <BR>Some of the things I didn't like about the iPod was that it was relatively heavy (compared to what I bought), it aparently goes through batteries in 8 hours. <BR> <BR>I ended up getting the new Rio Nitrus. It is 1/4 the weight of the iPod and the internal battery lasts twice as long and charges up very quickly. It only stores 1.5 gigs, but what is cool is that included software will actually rotate music on and off of it automatically (for instance you can schedule rock to be on the player on mondays, and rap to be there for tuesday). This is assuming you are willing to plug it into your computer so it can transfer the music for you every once in a while. <BR> <BR>I use the player mainly when I walk to and from school as well as when I work out. I would rather carry around a smaller player that holds less becuase I don't wanna lug anything heavy with me when I go for a jog. I currently only have 8 or 9 cds worth of music on it, but that is enough for me. I dont listen to all of my music all the time, so even a 10 gig player is unnecessary for me. <BR> <BR>The people I know that have iPods like it though. If you are serious about gettin an mp3 player, but don't know what to get, I would seriously suggest that you wait a little while. The iPod uses a larger, older memory chip, and the Nitrus uses a brand new, smaller chip that cam out about a month ago. I'm guessing that if you wait a few weeks or so there will be a new model that will be 20 or so gigs and be smaller and lighter than the iPod. But if you like the iPod, get the iPod.

sdboardr99 12-04-2003 7:14 PM

I have one and really like it. So far I've uploaded about 6 gigs of music to it, which leaves me 9 gigs free for digital photos. I bought a media reader that attaches to the iPod and allows me to transfer images from my digital camera to the iPod, so I can carry fewer $200 memory cards. <BR> <BR>I have mp3 decks in my truck and boat, but they also have an Aux input that I plug the iPod into. I listen to it in the boat quite a bit since it doesn't skip and I have 1200+ songs. <BR> <BR>It's not for everyone but it does exactly what I wanted and works very well. <BR>

habersham 12-04-2003 7:43 PM

I have an Ipod and love it. You can get an FM trasmitter for it that only plugs into the ipod and uses the ipod's battery. You can also use it on any FM station. It is made by Griffen. I have the 20 gig ipod.

buttacup 12-04-2003 10:23 PM

I think the top of the line Ipod can hold 10,000 songs.

norcal_99 12-04-2003 11:01 PM

I thought 40gig was the biggest Ipod model, <a href="http://www.apple.com/ipod/" target="_blank">http://www.apple.com/ipod/</a>

priapism 12-04-2003 11:22 PM

I have a 20GB iPod and I really like it. <BR> <BR> I was looking for a way to use it in my boat but my boat stereo doesn't have an aux input. I decided to research different FM transmitters and liked what I read about the one specifically made for the iPod (the iTrip) by Griffen. Like Tim H. said it runs off of the iPod's power but there is no noticeable decrease in battery life. It comes with software that downloads into the iPod enabling it to transmit on <u>any</u> FM station! I must say I'm quite surprised by its' performance. The 20GB iPod can hold 5,000 songs. <BR> <BR>iPods also have many other capabilities; it can store digital photos (as Bill J said), written memos like your workout routine, voice memos (with an additional attachment), or any file from you computer. It is literally a portable hard drive. <BR> <BR>You would think I work for them after reading that.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>

cam_warner 12-04-2003 11:54 PM

I have the 15 gig iPod, and I'd say theyre worth it. Theyre especially nice when youre in your boat, since it doesnt ever skip. I dont ever have to worry about how much memory ive taken up, because I havent even filled half of the capacity yet.....and still have 1200+ songs.

deepstructure 12-05-2003 12:17 AM

it must be winter... ;)

bwood 12-05-2003 4:24 AM

You should all just get SIRIUS satellite radio.

elmog 12-05-2003 6:13 AM

Satellite radio - you still have to wait to hear the exact song you want. I got a 10Mb Ipod and it blew away my expectations. I only have about 1000 songs but when I want to hear one song, it is as simple as 'rotating' my little jog wheel (which is the best use of this type of input device I've seen) and hitting play. They charge off of the Firewire on the computer, set up all sorts of play lists. I bought a cheap FM xmitter and I can use it in the car, the home stereo, the boat and the RV. On Thanksgiving we used it to play 'name that tune'. My sister would jog to a song and start playing it (via FM to the home stereo) and all the family/guests would try to guess the song from a playlist I had made of 100 1 hit wonders from VH1. The IPod is awesome!

andrew_moreton 12-05-2003 6:55 AM

Sean and Tim, <BR>How is the performance of the iTrip? I have one of the first iPod FM transmitters that only works on four stations, but when I moved to Dallas, all four of those stations get average to good reception so my transmitter doesn't work. It looks like the iTrip can be set to any station, which would help in my situation. Do the songs sound fuzzy or is the reception sound pretty good? Thanks. <BR>Andrew

richd 12-05-2003 6:57 AM

The iPod is like most Apple products, until you actually own them and use them it's hard to tell what the fuss is about. It's the number one selling mp3 player in the world in spite of the price for a reason.

jro 12-05-2003 8:20 AM

Check out the new Dell model

priapism 12-05-2003 8:59 AM

Andrew, <BR> <BR>I have never used/heard any other FM transmitter for the iPod but I am very happy with the iTrip. You can use any odd # station from 88.1 (or whatever the lowest # is) up to 107.9 (whatever the highest # is). With so many station options you should be able to find one without interference and the songs will be surprisingly clear.

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