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blazer 12-04-2003 2:54 PM

I need a little feedback on this board. I have always rode 3-stage, but all the reviews say this thing pops big (which is usually not the case for continuous). How does the Gonzalez compare to something like a Byerly (which I ride) in relation to speed, 'looseness', pop ect. Any feedback will help. Thanks

ripr 12-04-2003 2:57 PM

Have you ridden a Premier? If so, it's the exact same ride, just comes in a 138, which I've heard is actually a 136. I ride the board and dig it.

solo 12-04-2003 4:35 PM

The Byerly because of the tail drag is supposedly a slower but better tracking board. What exactly are you looking for in a board? <BR>

blazer 12-04-2003 9:47 PM

I like a board that pops hard, like the Byerly, but that is a little faster. I didn't find the Byerly as consistant as other boards I have ridden.

seattle 12-05-2003 7:01 AM

Blazer, <BR> <BR>Try the TFD. Fast board, and a snap type pop like the Byerly. The only draw back of the TFD is weight, it's a heavy boar compared to the Byerly.

d_o_double_g 12-05-2003 8:16 AM

I ride the Gonzalez and I love it. It does ride similar to the HL Premier, but in my opinion is faster and lighter. <BR> <BR>Demo it if you can, you won't regret it.

maverick_gear 12-05-2003 12:52 PM

Ya i ride the gonzalez board as well, i was talking to Ricky yesterday about design on his new board and it seems to us that pople like his current board alot more than the premier, alot of people who rode the premier and hated it seem to love Rickys. i believe there us a few subtle differences but im not sure if there is enough to make rideability differ but that seems to be the buyers general concensus. it is definetly worth checking out though it is a great riding board and it has a pretty cool graphic, i think you will find that this board pops hard is faster and more consistant than the byerly and more fun to ride than a TFD, definetly try it out if you can i don't think you'll regret it either.

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