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oaf 12-01-2003 10:27 PM

What drysuits do you recomend??? I am looking for a drysuit right now. I am a big guy 6'1 220 lbs. Does anyone make a drysuit for people 6'6 and taller? Thanx

norcal_99 12-01-2003 11:25 PM

Bare and O'neill both make great suits. <BR> <BR>

wazzy 12-02-2003 6:21 AM

barefoot international all the way!! XXL should fit you plus they have double thick seals... check <a href="http://www.barefootinternational.com" target="_blank">www.barefootinternational.com</a> ..or there is a link on the sponsor page of <a href="http://www.midwestwakefest.com" target="_blank">www.midwestwakefest.com</a>

brick 12-02-2003 9:48 AM

I like my O'neill Boost. I get a little wet around the neck though! Anybody have any suggestions for this problem?

jetgofish 12-02-2003 3:26 PM

Tim I noticed that about the boost too. I don't think there is any stop to that. Try a rash guard to help with it, they dry pretty quick!

oaf 12-02-2003 5:11 PM

Thanks for the info. I called Barefoot international today and they were great. They have a suit that my buddy and I can both use. They guy was very helpful.

mvda 12-02-2003 5:29 PM

Tim &amp; Teri, <BR>As with most neopreme drysuit seals (as opposed to latex seals, like those around the wrists and ankles), you have to roll the neck of the Boost in on itself about 1 inch. I have a Boost and I very rarely get wet around the neck. Its been a great suit for me and is holding up well. I hope that helps. <BR>-Matt

dococ 12-02-2003 10:46 PM

I knew some footers in Fla who used to wrap electric tape a couple times around the seals to stop leakage. It comes off without pulling too much. Do not try it with duct tape!

jetgofish 12-03-2003 8:25 AM

Coach, if you don't mind what did Bare quote you?

dococ 12-03-2003 12:59 PM

Bare and Barefoot International are two different companies. The Barefoot Intnl. suits are great quality but more heavy-duty than Bare and O'neill. My sister-in-law has one, and her only problem was that she is pretty thin, and the neck seal was too big. It was not tight enough to form a seal, so water flowed in. I don't know if she ever got that resolved. I used to have one and the neck seal worked fine for my average height and weight, but the seals were harder to get into than some other suits, due to the thicker rubber. Personally, my dealings with Mike Seipel have been very positive. I think his brother primarily manages the distribution of the product line.

bwood 12-03-2003 2:47 PM

I just paid 350 for A barefoot Int. I pick it up sat.

tfdhyprider 12-03-2003 2:55 PM

eneil boost

tfdhyprider 12-03-2003 2:55 PM

oneil' <BR>

jetgofish 12-03-2003 3:00 PM

Woody you should have called Grizzly Sports you could have gotten one for $250! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by jetgofish on December 03, 2003)

oaf 12-03-2003 4:29 PM

The one at Grizzly is a Bare Ultra Dry suit which is $250 <BR> <BR>The Barefoot Int is $350.

sdboardr99 12-03-2003 4:29 PM

Wakesports in SoCal just got a shipment in and they may be on sale. <a href="http://www.wakesports.com/" target="_blank">http://www.wakesports.com/</a> <BR>

wakehound 12-04-2003 8:36 AM

Shuswap has Bare Ultra Dry's for $249US <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.shuswapsnb.com/" target="_blank">http://www.shuswapsnb.com/</a> <BR> <BR>

timmy 12-04-2003 8:52 AM

Barefoot international or intensity (OS systems) are the way to go in my onpinion. with how dangerous it can be when you get in water that cold, I think the better suit is worth the $$. <BR> <BR>also, if all else fails, you can get ahold of OS systems and they will custom fit you a drysuit but that is expensive. <BR>(I'd recommend getting the barefoot suit add-ons) <a href="http://www.ossystems.com/" target="_blank">http://www.ossystems.com/</a> <BR><a href="http://www.intensitysports.com/" target="_blank">http://www.intensitysports.com/</a>

wakeboard_iraq 12-05-2003 3:18 PM

Two weeks ago I was on a boat in Carlsbad Lagoon and a guy in the boat decided that he wanted to try wakeboarding (was just along for the ride). He was wearing jeans and a sweater - why you wear jeans and a sweater on a boat I will never know but thats what he was wearing. Anyway, he put on my Oniel Boost Dry right over his clothes and jumped in the water. He flopped around for about 1/2 hour and actually got up and rode a little. When he got out of the water, he squirmed out of my suit and his clothes were as dry as could be. Pretty fantastic story if you ask me. <BR>When I ride I typically get a little water in the neck but I think that is because I crash a lot - often head first. I stay warm though. I doubt I will every wear a wet-suit again - I think I will be going straight from shorts to dry suit from now on.

jetgofish 12-05-2003 3:22 PM

Jim, <BR> <BR>I've been told on the Boost you need to roll the neck down about an inch to a half an inch to keep the water from coming. Regardless of a head first crash or not is should work. My dry suit should be here Tuesday, I'm so stoked. Going to be doing a little Delta riding tomorrow rain or shine!!!

walt 12-05-2003 3:26 PM

So whats everyone wearing under the dry suit ?

jetgofish 12-05-2003 3:27 PM

Nothing...no typically I wear sweats and a light sweatshirt!

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