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lemytry 12-01-2003 4:36 PM

anbody have information on the orlando watersports complex? i need info so i can sway my rents into letting me go any info would be appriecitied <BR>zach

xtremebordgurl 12-01-2003 4:44 PM

<a href="http://www.orlandowatersports.com" target="_blank">www.orlandowatersports.com</a> <BR> <BR>OWC is a great place, everyone is very friendly and nice, cable can be a lot of fun! You get more riding time because more people can ride at once and u get to try your hand at obstacles and sliders. PLus if you're planning on riding in the Orlando area and don't know/have anyone down there to give u a pull, the cable is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than any place that pulls u by boat.

lemytry 12-01-2003 4:52 PM

hey thanks do i need to bring my own board or can i rent? cuz i am from maine and goin for vacation and want to go for a ride. how r cables compared to boats? <BR>zach

projectely4 12-01-2003 6:00 PM

u can rent boards there. the cable run slightly slower but is fun for hitting sliders and kickers.

xtremebordgurl 12-04-2003 1:35 PM

Whereabouts in Maine? I'm from Maine too, anyway, the cable has a very different pull to it, you're going to feel very sore the next day cause it works a different set of muscles in your arms. But it is a TON of fun, I highly recomend it. I wouldn't bring your board, everytime I bring mine its just been a pain in the ass, well, more so to my family for some reason, my parents hate me draggin it arround. Also its a pain to fit into a rental car if ur bag is ridiculously long like mine. I've got a hyperlite bag and I swear there is an extra foot and half of space between the end of my boards and the end of the bag. Come to think of it, it may just be my bag thats the pain, not the boards themselves. Anyway, when are you going? Have fun! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

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