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12-01-2003 3:06 PM

At one point i had a backroll wake to wake almost every try. But once i started doing them off of the double-up I cant seem to stick them w2w. It seems to me that I just dont throw it hard enough w2w because the pop of the doubleup has gotten me used to just floating them.......any ideas??

12-01-2003 4:16 PM

Maybe the doubleup is causing you to flatten out anticepating the buck. Now you may be flattening out w2w. I have my biggest problem when I do not edge all the way through and then pop.

01-16-2004 2:00 PM

I only started nailing them when I relaxed and threw them easy. Try going back to basics and shorten the rope all of the way and go easy. Might work, if it doesnt - no big deal.

03-18-2004 5:09 PM

Jim has it right. You could be thinking that because of the smaller kick you need to throw it. Let the wake do the work. get a good cut and thrown it natural.

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