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wakeguru 12-01-2003 8:18 AM

Is it possible and how do you configure the weight?

cabalisticfire 12-03-2003 7:23 AM

I have no specific experience with that boat but since I've seen footage of people wakesurfing behind a SeaDoo boat I'm sure you can make it work behind an X-5. You're going to need a ton of weight (1000 lbs worth of sacs and people should be a good start) on the side your going to ride on, mostly near the back of the boat. The idea is to almost sink one side of the boat so you want to put all of you sacks and people on one side. You can have someone hang on the side of the tower to help pull the boat over if needed. Also, to help give the wave a better shape, drive in a circle (you'll just have to experiment with how big of a circle to use). Since you may not end up with the biggest wake you may want to use one of the larger boards (ie Broadcast, or one of the larger inland surf boards). I've been out twice behind my boat (VLX with stock ballast), once with a Broadcast and once with a regular 6'8" surfboard. The Broadcast worked a little better for staying in the pocket than the regular surf board despite having less flotation (must be a better rocker shape). I'm about to add 700lbs of fat sacs to the stock 200lbs in the RR, 500lbs in the locker, and the wedge down (around 1000lbs in the center rear). Bottom line, it just takes a lot of weight. Go out, experiment, have fun!

wakeguru 12-04-2003 6:58 AM

Right on. Thanks.

scottie_k 12-19-2003 3:20 PM

What year X-5 or 190? I've got a 2003 X-7 and the surfing wake is pretty good when weighted. I put about 600lbs. under the rear seat, a 550lb. Launch pad on one side of the engine box (depending reg/goofy)and then someone on the launch pad. The wake is really fun to surf and you can easily let go of the rope and ride around following the boat. Eats gas like crazy!

squillo 12-23-2003 7:40 AM

Dave I'm in if you need a hand I can bring my fat sacs too, heel even try it behind the antique

wakeguru 12-23-2003 9:46 AM

Thanks Scott. It's an 02' closed bow X-5. <BR>I've got a fat seat filled, two 350# launch side sacs and 200 lbs. of sand to play with. I also <BR>have another 500 lb. fat sac and access to plenty <BR>more. <BR>I just need to play with the weight I gather, cause everyone is saying it's possible. <BR> <BR>Squillo, I don't think the old Nauti would like <BR>that too much if we sacked it out in the rear. <BR>Could spell trouble for the old battle ax.

lforcerider 04-13-2004 5:21 PM

I hope nobody has asked this but my family just got a '01 mastercraft 19 skier. I want to buy a hyperlite broadcast but I dont want to find out that my wake is not large enough to surf behind after I buy a board. If I just rode with a crapload of people in the back corner but no fatsacs, would I be able to surf?

wakeguru 04-15-2004 8:33 AM

No worries man. <BR>My best guess would be no. I always have to sac my boat out big time to ride and have only had a decent surf wake when I have around 2,000 + lbs in the boat.

caribsailor431 04-29-2004 5:08 PM

we have a 1993 MC prostar 190 and we can surf with only about 400 pounds in one corner of the boat with the rear seat taken out... we just threw about 10 old waterbed sacks in and they work great..lol

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