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08-25-2001 9:18 PM

I can get all the way around on my tantrum but I cant seem to stick the board. When I hit I ride for a second and the board pops up and I burry the nose. If you have anyadvice I would be very greatfull! Thanx

and couldn't figure out how to ride away from that damn thing 08-25-2001 10:43 PM

Just keep trying. One month ago I was in the same situation (and couldn't figure out how to ride away from that damn thing) and one day I just landed one. The next day I landed a couple more and it went from there. Now I am 80-90% on them. I didn't really do anything different, it was just doing them over and over. I just learned a scarecrow the same way. <BR> <BR>If I am trying to learn something new, I will make myself do it atleast 5 times a day. 5 times doesn't sound like alot, but I have figured out there is no reason to beat yourself to death on one trick. <BR> <BR>Just don't give up...

09-02-2001 8:38 PM

I hit it today on my 3rd try its all about keeping a little bend in you arm!

maybe focused on getting more pop off the wake 10-07-2001 9:24 PM

Michael, <BR> <BR>Same as you too, i had the same problem as Tim and kept doing the same stuff (maybe focused on getting more pop off the wake) but the one day i stuck it. Greatest feeling <BR> <BR>-Evan <BR> <BR>Rep The D.B.P. <BR> <BR>www.opsiswear.com

10-12-2001 8:49 AM

Which is easier, Tantrum or a Backrole?

10-13-2001 11:51 AM

both are easy

10-14-2001 9:55 AM

Wakeboarder86, I personally tried and stuck the tantrum first, for some reason I had a phobia with the backroll. But I also did a lot of backflips on the trampoline so was used to the rotation. <BR>However when I finally did try the backroll I landed it the first day, the rotation came very easy, easier than the tantrum in my opinion. <BR> <BR>Good luck

10-14-2001 5:41 PM

I found a scarecrow as the next easiest trick. My backroll sucks. I do a Mexican...

10-21-2001 5:05 PM

toeside backroll is easy also

11-21-2001 12:09 PM

hey kyle, im sure some help would be appreciated over your cocky ass coments

11-23-2001 3:15 PM

well what do you want to know

11-26-2001 11:07 AM

well Kyle, I'd like to know how to get the proper rotation on that toeside roll... you have to throw it like a tantrum I guess??? and be patient to throw it when your at the peak of the wake just like on the heelside?? do you let go the handle with your back hand??

03-13-2002 10:48 PM

what is a mexican backroll? How do u do one>

03-14-2002 1:49 PM

a mexican backroll is when the board goes rail over rail instead of tip over tail. it is basically just a backroll but turning your board sideways a bit. i have never tried one, but im pretty sure its about the same as a backroll

03-14-2002 8:56 PM

A Mexican isn't consider a "true" backroll. Considered bad form...

03-16-2002 9:19 AM

hey Micheal if that was the case,mexi is bad form,why do they teach it for blind inverted tricks?It may have started out that way but they do teach a Mexiacan backroll in all the new videos at the Wakeboard camp in FL etc etc..The Mexican backroll is used for KGBs,roll to blinds ,and a few other tricks.Its actually harder then a regualr backroll since you cant spot the water as well and dont use the line as much for tension once you start the roll,its less natural feeling..anyway thought id share that with you..later <BR> <BR>Bill

03-16-2002 6:59 PM

I agree and disagree. A Mexican backroll is used to do KGBs and rolls to blind, but a just a backroll done "Mexican" style is considered bad form. I have also seen people call it a "girl" backroll because most of the pro girls do it that way. <BR> <BR>Of course everyone has their own opinion. I am riding with Glen Fletcher tomorrow. I will ask him about it...

you wont change my mind 03-17-2002 5:44 PM

Sure Micheal ask whomever you like(you wont change my mind) but i have training videos one of which is from The Wakeboard Camp in FL and they teach the mexican Backroll as a trick so someone doesnt think it is bad form if its being taught as well as used to do some big tricks most of us will ever do IE Handle Pass KGB and Roil to blind..

03-17-2002 7:16 PM

Glen Fletcher WAS a coach at the Wakeboard Camp. That was why I was going to ask him! And what video is from the wakeboard camp? You talking about higher education? What chapter is named "Mexican backroll"? None... <BR> <BR>btw - Glen said a Mexican backroll isn't consider the "technical" way to do a backroll, but that doesn't make it wrong. Poor form can really be looked at like style. There isn't one right way to do a trick. Everyone does it a little different. So I guess he agreed with you more than me.

montanye (bill) on Sunda 03-17-2002 8:45 PM

It was in a special edition of wake TV instructional where they taught 4 tricks Mexi Back roll,Backroll,Tantrum and front roll.It was PJ Marks and Kyle shmidt who did the instructional with shmidt actually doing the riding to fit the audio description.They explained in details the two tricks seperate from each other and when talking about the Mexican he said it is advantage to learn both as you will need the mexican backroll to be able to do the tricks like KGBS etc.Ive heard other instructionals online and at clinics where this was discussed.It may have been a freak trick at one time but it is now excepted and tauhgt as another way to do a backroll.Now dont get me started on the Frantrum,that is a bastard trick and as of now doesnt have any tricks done off of it <IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":)"> <BR> <BR>bill

03-18-2002 6:13 AM

ok, what is a Frantrum?

montanye (bill) on Monda 03-18-2002 6:22 AM

Frantrum is a bad form trick done while trying to do a HS Front Flip but after the flip is intitiated you end up finishing it laid out like a Tantrum,not keeping it tip over tail like a true front flip.Its really ugly but hey if i could do it id probrably be happy to have another invert <IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":)"> <BR> <BR>Bill

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