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jwat142 11-28-2003 1:52 PM

Does anyone use this video camera to record wakeboarding. Any comments on it. Are you happy with it, not happy with it? Why? Thanks for any info.

Walt 11-28-2003 3:36 PM

I have the ZR65 I've only used it twice but I'm happy with it so far

12-14-2003 10:41 PM

Just bought the ZR70. Can't wait till summer!

shutupandboard 12-16-2003 12:51 AM

I have the zr-45 which i believe is last years model of the zr-60. I love it. It's a great size, shape, zoom, and picture quality. I love that you can capture analog video through it, and the s-video port is input and output. It's a great camera that fits in my hand just right.

pimp131 03-04-2004 8:34 PM

is the Zr45 really the same as the Zr60, i have the 45 and if u export raw into premier pro the quality is pretty good, and even after converting it to mpeg2 / svcd the quality is still fairly good.

tparider 03-04-2004 8:52 PM

I just bought a ZR60 off ebay about an hour ago. Can't wait for it to get here. I did a decent amount of research, and for what I spent, I think I got the most camera for my dollar. <BR> <BR>

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